The area of forest fires in the Tomsk region per day decreased by 13%

The total area of forest fires in the Tomsk region for the last day decreased by 13%, and on Saturday morning was 7.7 thousand hectares, said the regional Emergencies Ministry.

On Friday, an area of natural fires in the region amounted to 8.793 thousand hectares.

According to authorities, the region Saturday morning raging wildfire to 31 square 7.673 thousand hectares in 10 districts of the region, of which 12 are located in the fire area 4.043 hectares. There was a five fires in an area of about 118.4 hectares, an area of six liquidated 2.745 hectares.

"Since the beginning of the period of forest fire put out 441 forest fires on an area of 83.079 hectares. Overall grouping forces involved in extinguishing forest fires for the day was 1.7 thousand people, 179 vehicles. Threats transition forest fires in the towns not" — said.

It is noted that for the last day in the fire areas aircraft flew 97 water discharges totaling 444 tons. Aviation group, involved in extinguishing forest fires, is 22 aircraft, including the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia — 10.

In the MOE noted that up to 6 August in some parts of the region remain extreme fire hazard.

"In the wake of the forest fire situation may spread the smoke plumes from the existing fire sites on the territory of Tomsk region", — told the agency.

In the forests of the region continues to operate a state of emergency.

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