The area of natural fires in the Tomsk region for the year increased by 10 times

Nearly 100,000 acres burned in wildfires in the Tomsk region in 2012, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, the regional representative of the central board of MOE.

In 2011, the region burned about 9000 hectares of forest and non-forest area. Thus, the area of natural fires in 2012 increased tenfold.

"According to the Tomsk Airbase protection of forests, over the summer was 518 fires. 82.3 burnt out thousands of hectares of forest area and 16.64 — non-forest" — a spokesman said.

Forest fires raged in the Tomsk region during the summer of 2012. In late June, the decision of the head of the region because of the situation with the wildfires in the region introduced a state of emergency (Emergency).

In addition, the area has been restricted to the forests. A few weeks in the region kept smog, it spread to the neighboring city. The Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the management MOE personally monitor the situation with the fire fighting in the region, after the Ministry sent to the Tomsk region of heavy aircraft and additional forces.

The situation returned to normal only fire in early August — after a massive fire and the establishment of more favorable weather (cold snap and rain). Emergency regime in the region was canceled on August 14, three days later it was the restriction forest visits. The last fire was extinguished on Tuesday, August 21. However, in order to stabilize the forest fire emergency situation regime persists in the three northern districts of the region.

Earlier by Oblkomprirody said that the reserve Tomsk region burned 272.5 acres. On the environment and the number of animals not affected by the fires.

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