The brigade control SOUTH received new radios

In December 2011, in the framework of the state defense order for equipment management team of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed in the Stavropol region, received four newest radio station R-166 based on the KamAZ-43114, which replaced the outdated and less effective means of communication on the basis of the previous generation ZIL-131.

Radio R-166 production JSC "Concern" Constellation " surpasses its predecessors in all respects, the press service of the Southern Military District. Thanks to a computerized control system decreased by 2.5 times during her deployment and configuration. The quality and range of services increased by 2 times.
Radio R-166 is designed to ensure the transmission of information in the HF and VHF bands in analog or digital form via two independent directions at once with radio frequency adaptation.
Along with upgraded hardware, which have become more mobile, to replace the analog samples have new hardware with digital communication segments based on KAMAZ-4310 and KAMAZ-43114, while the deployment of which declined by almost 3 times.
Representatives of the manufacturer teams have the personnel hands-on assistance in the development of new techniques of communication.
Until the end of 2011 it is planned to put in more troops SOUTH 20 different digital mobile communications and management.

  • radio station R-166-05 on the basis of a caterpillar MTLBu,
  • satellite station R-439 based on the BTR-80,
  • radio relay station R-419-A on the wheel base, etc.

In 2011, as a result of the supply of new weapons and military equipment armored brigade park management SOUTH updated by more than 40%.

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