The British — the most unscrupulous people in Western Europe

As shown by a recent study, the residents of Albion change the bed only once in three weeks. A 16% and delay does this longer than a month. In general, the British are the least hygienic residents of Western Europe, in contrast to, for example, the French and the Danes who change clothes every week.

At the same time, to make a decision about changing the bed linen every sixth Briton requires more than a month. And only half of respondents clean your bed in the morning. Among them are the stronger sex, a little more than 30%, so that British men can be called one of the most lazy Europeans. These figures, for sure, can explain why three-quarters of British adults suffer from various sleep disorders. After all experts are convinced that a clean bedroom and bed linen are the basis of a full night's rest.
Not surprisingly, only 19% of the survey participants able to sleep 8 hours a day. Although it to change the bed takes an average of only 10.5 minutes, one tenth of British adults have never done it, shifting this care for their loved ones. And 22% of women admitted that in order to order sheets, they had to Spend more money than to buy a sofa.
The survey also revealed what do the Brits in bed except sleep and sex. Thus, men are often working surfing the Internet using a laptop, and 7% of them attend a Twitter account or Facebook just before going to bed. Slightly less than a third of women prefer to read bedtime books. It was found that 11% of respondents left their partners because of the sharp movements in sleep, snoring habits long off lights, etc.
And 40% of those surveyed did not sleep in his bed at least once a week. They either sleep on the couch or stay with relatives or friends, or spend the night with your partner. Some spend the night in a hotel or even at work.

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