The case Kvachkova: FSB felled stick

FSB accused the GRU Colonel Vladimir retired Kvachkova in the preparation of an armed rebellion. As told in the public relations center of the FSB — against a former colonel in the late evening on December 23 opened a criminal investigation into the assassination attempt on the company of an armed rebellion and the recruitment of persons for the realization of terrorist activities. If his guilt is proved, the colonel could face a prison sentence of up to 20 years. Kvachkova certain acts that could form the base of the charges were not disclosed. Attention is drawn only by the fact that the detention order passed since Colonel Dmitry Medvedev connect the FSB to investigate riots on Manezh Square.

But Kvachkova position in relation to these events just looks innocent enough. December 11 he did not go to the square. After the events in an interview with radio station "Storm" he behaved correctly emphasized. So the question listener, "What the colonel would recommend Russian people, in the case of a repetition of the situation, similar to the action on the Manezhke?" Kvachkov replied, "If I'm going to recommend Russian people what to do, it will be 280 and Article 430 of the Criminal Code." "Article 430 — is an attempt to incite, 280 — calling for the overthrow of state power by force. So think what you guys ask, "- he said.

The arrest occurred in his Kvachkova his apartment. After he was taken away, the FSB officers proceeded to search, apparently found the maps, plans and schemes of the uprising, which he was preparing Tipo. The search ended NIGHT MODE, production of security officers has several boxes of documents that appear to relate to the activities of the so-called "people's militia" headed by a colonel.

The case Kvachkova: FSB "felled stick"

Kvachkova lawyer Alexei Pershin said that the documents presented to him, it is said that Col. "A suspect in a criminal case for inciting armed rebellion." The case has been in production since the summer of this year and brought against the 1st member of the so-called "people's militia".

Kvachkova former colleagues who were with him on the case of the assassination attempt on Chubais spoke about the fact that 90% of the members of this so-called "people's militia" old people age 70 and older who are at the physical level, could not take part in any an uprising. The credibility of the movement in the military is not, and at this point, according to them, they are more afraid for the fate of those who managed to enter it. Kvchakov they believe, suffered only his rhetoric.

Sam Kvachkov own arrest linked to the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of 23 December 2010, which confirmed the decision that the colonel was not guilty of the assassination attempt on Chubais. "One attempt to drop me off at their failed, they took the other," — he said. In his view the grounds for his arrest were reading his companion of Togliatti. "According to the documents, which I beheld, in Togliatti man armed with a crossbow, sent to Vladimir group for the organization where an armed rebellion" — said Kvachkov. According to him was the managing associate of Togliatti branch of the "People's Militia of Minin and Pozharsky"

Military journalist Vladislav Shurigin gave their comments on the arrest Kvachkova edition of "free press".

— In my opinion the arrest Kvachkova entirely within the prvodimuyu at the moment the campaign against extremism. In this regard, Kvachkov — very comfortable target was often short-tempered. His imprudent statements posodeystvuyut FSB nezamorachivayas find a candidate for the role of head extremist, and, as they say in the police, "to cut down a stick." With all of this I would attribute to the former colonel as to not completely healthy person. He participated in several wars, was in the slammer, now it is not difficult to start. He soon need medical supervision than the camera in Lefortovo.

Kvachkova will continue to be stubborn, "sew" rebellion?

— If the FSB to the entire country about this said, it is natural they will continue to stick to this line. Especially since you can find pretty speeches former colonel in the web, they can be cut out of any sort of comfort to the prosecution case sample.

The case Kvachkova: FSB "felled stick"

Why do you believe that the story of an armed rebellion Kvachkova — absurd?

— I do not know what at this stage have the investigators, but very skeptical about the feasibility of the idea of rebellion in the center of, taking into account the capacity of the existing intelligence agencies. It is at the present time it is unlikely even in the Caucasus, where very different connection between people and the work of the FSB is complicated by the presence of ethnic groups. In the central position of the Russian Federation intelligence nezyblimy. They are able to maintain control over at least some more or less principled political group. So I think if a person in such criteria is preparing a rebellion, it may not be entirely on the mental level is adequate.

How will the public version of the mutiny?

— For him Kvachkov newsmaker for the most part, which able to provide the scandalous information occasions. Because everyone will look and wait for the second act of this drama.

Whether probable military coup in our time?

— Under the current criteria army absolutely under control. It absolutely does not remain the favorites, for which it could go. Began to remove the favorites since the Russian era. At the moment, the power of acting as well. Quite remember how she reacted to the heroes of the 2-Chechen campaigns from Cygnus to Trosheva and Kazantsev. The only one who remained in power is a Navy Commander Vladimir Shamanov, but his besieged from all sides. At the moment, every general monitoring military counterintelligence, which is one of the challenges lies in the observation of higher military control. Well, in the past the process of reform of the army tried in their ability to clean the disgruntled soldiers, as independent units, which could lead people into a modern army is not there.

Most likely, Kvachkova gathered to make a "switchman". But then one is not clear, for which Russian security services suddenly started to imitate violent activities against extremism, replaced in order to fight this very systematically and severely dealt with.

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