The coordinator of the initiative group Neklyaeva sues university

Dismissed this week from the International Institute of Humanitarian Economic 5-year student and coordinator of the initiative group of Vladimir Vladimir Neklyaeva Kumets filed a complaint to the Ministry of Education of Belarus and a lawsuit on the fact of forgery on the part of the university.

In an interview with the "freedom" Vladimir Kumets stressed that the witnesses in the case of illegal under-statements in its assessment of foreign language (from 9 to 3 points) are ready to act as his classmates and teachers themselves.

Today was the meeting between Vladimir Kumets and presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva with the administration of the International Humanitarian Economic Institute.

As the Vladimir Kumets, during this meeting, the founder of the Institute Alexander Alpeev promised to restore it.

Kumets"Today we Vladimir Prakopauas mentioned byand Alpeeva. We were met there by people in mufti. Alpeev accepted us and said that was the mistake, not even a mistake, and forgery of documents actually. In fact, he acknowledged the gender of official documents. And he made me an offer: to recover from the Institute on January 25. In fact I got from Alpeeva guarantee, but only in words, that I may be restored. "

Also, Mr. Alpeev promised that unscrupulous teachers who went on forgery and falsified assessment statements will be punished.

Vladimir himself Kumets in this regard, said that he did not have claims against them, as these people become an instrument in the hands of others. He admits that it can actually recover, but it does not exclude that in the next session, it can fill up the elementary. After all, in his opinion, all private schools are quite uncertain situation, and therefore are afraid of the various checks and leverage.

Vladimir Kumets noted that, in principle, was pleased with the character of today's meeting. Alexander Alpeev constantly stressed that he respects the political choice of the student and denied any argument about the fact that a person may exclude, for political reasons.

Vladimir Kumets believes that Mr. Alpeeva influenced the presence of Vladimir Neklyaeva: "I think if it was not, this meeting could be different."


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