The court ordered to pay a premium member of an independent trade union

A member of the independent Belarusian trade union of radio-electronic industry, the keeper of the municipal enterprise "Braginsky" Vladimir Tserametski won today in the administration of the court.

Judge Alexei Yaschenko Directorate ordered the utility to pay the premium of the guard of one base unit to the Day of Fatherland Defenders and two base — the Day of workers of public services and housing and communal services.

The court also ordered the directorate to make changes to the collective agreement, according to which the payment of the premium was not extended to nechaltsov official trade union.

Tserametski"Of course, I would have survived without these awards. I just saw to it that was not in some kind of collective discrimination on the grounds of belonging to a particular trade union. "

When Vladimir Tserametskamu not paid bonuses, he sought clarification from the Department of Labour and Social Protection of the Bragin district executive committee. It is a response from management's keeper and found that, under paragraph 1.5 of the collective agreement of the enterprise, "Braginsky," this license applies only to the members of the trade union official. Therefore, the company did not pay the premium and the four employees who are not members of the official trade union.

Together with Tserametskim had to go to court three more workers, but in the end decided not to, or they just talked.

Director of the company, "Braginsky" Alexander Atroshchanka told the court that the collective agreement made at a meeting of public utilities, and no one, they say, did not object to the including and Mr. Tserametski. However, the latter explained to the court that since it is not related to the official trade union, and it is not had the right to vote "for" or "against" the collective agreement.

Utilities in the 10-day period may challenge the decision of the court.



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