The date of the start of the war Stalin himself said … Hitler?

The date of the start of the war Stalin told myself ...  Hitler?Tomorrow — 69 years since the Russian stateliness

In the history of the Russian war majestically up to now there is a lot of "white spots" — unclear or insufficient to clarify the issue.

The most intense of them, why do so unsuccessfully happened to the Soviet Union beginning of the war? Who has missed time "H" — Stalin, his generals or intelligence? Or is the result of a clever German disinformation? Like many researchers, the answers to these questions for many years finds recognizable Russian historian Sergei BREZKUN. Now we are publishing his material, in which a lot of sensational findings and assessments. And although they are based on the documents and the testimony of those witnesses davneshnih events, some of them can hardly be regarded as unconditional. And yet, the creator has the right to own eyes.

Who proshlyapil JUNE 22?

There are no clear answers to this question in Russian time was not for various reasons. Stalin was not cost-effective to give an impartial assessment of public criminal action (often — criminal inaction) generals, on which he relied. After the 45th — so as not to mar the view of the awkward truth victorious army. Khrushchev generally misrepresented her by making a scapegoat of Stalin, knocking him all the mistakes and errors. Accurate and complete picture of the fatal June 1941 we have so far not. And there is none in the West, where the truth is too often silenced or distorted — in most cases for political reasons. Yes, we talk about Stalin's fault can be as long as the head of the country is responsible for everything that happens in the country headed by him. There is the concept of "no-fault liability." So here's Stalin is responsible, of course, for the failure in June 1941, but did not povinet in it. Someone say: oh, something hard wrapped. And then who povinet? That's what I'm trying to understand. In this case, not based on feelings or preferences, but on the up-ku-men
-max! Only after analysis of their conclusions. And some of them do not fit the stereotypes of awareness of the war.

What convinced now, many millions of people? And the fact that the cause of injuries in 1941 — Tipo blindness to Stalin, who did not believe in the proximity of the war. It turns out that all beheld, not counting this "foolish and paranoid." Stalin Tipo restrained generals ignored intelligence Sorge, but believed "provocateur" Beria, who declared that the war will not, and "washed in the camp dust" of all who thought differently.


When starting to talk about the Tipo "talentless" Stalin, war Tipo blinked, the standard reference accusations here — eminent telegram from Richard Sorge, June 15, 1941: "The attack is expected in the early afternoon on June 22 on a broad front." But the text itself, "the telegram Sorge" in design is very different from the real cryptograms. Well, no one responsible manager will not solve any harsh actions on the basis of such reports, even if it comes from a 100-fold tried and reliable informant. In addition, Sorge has already indicated earlier deadlines attacks, which were not confirmed. But even this is not the essence of principle! The fact that the general Sorge anything like this … not reported. June 16, 2001 the central organ of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation — the newspaper "Red Star" — published the proceedings of the "round table" dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the start of the war. Among them — and the recognition of external intelligence services of Colonel Karpov:

"Unfortunately, it's a fake, shown in the Khrushchev era. These "fools" started simply, one of the creators of publications about Sorge these telegrams to reddish witty fiction, and the other with reference to it was seized — and commotion … Then he added psychology, invented vengeful Stalin … "

Here is another eminent "idiot" — tipo visa Beria:

"In the near future, many workers give in to provocations and sassy sow panic. Anonymous officials "Hawk", "Carmen", "diamond", "Faithful" (in nature never existed. — SB) to periodically wipe the misinformation in the camp dust as accomplices of provocateurs who want to embroil us with Germany. Other strictly prevented. Beria.

The date of the start of the war Stalin told myself ...  Hitler?

September 1939. German tank crews "at a party" at the Russian soldiers in Brest. Who would have known that in 18 months they will become enemies …

June 21, 1941 … "

Or here's another one for you Tipo Tipo is a quote from a memorandum Beria to Stalin Tipo from the same June 21, 1941:

"I insist again (it Tipo Tipo Beria to Stalin wrote in similar terms categorical! — SB) to recall our ambassador and Punishment in Berlin Dekanozov, which as previously bombed me" dezoy "Tipo about the impending attack on the Soviet Union. He said it was an "attack" will begin tomorrow. The same radioed Major General VI Puffins, a military attaché in Berlin. The stupid General argues that the three Wehrmacht Army Group will advance towards Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev … But I and my people,

Iosif Vissarionovich, firmly remember your wise destiny: in 1941, Hitler not attack us! "…

These lines are walking yield homepages for many years, and some consider themselves "advanced" historians for you rattle off: "Yes, it was! War blinked intelligence units of the NKVD because Commissar of Internal Affairs Beria. "

But it's uneducated heresy! On February 3, 1941 on July 20, 1941 the NKVD was split into two separate commissariat — the NKVD under the control of Beria and NKVD Merkulov running. Since February 3, 1941, the NKVD, in other words at Beria was not external intelligence!

But how many people know about it? Incidentally, the division's commissariats life Beria not eased since the same 3 February 1941 he retained the post of People's Commissar of Internal Affairs, was appointed deputy chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR.


What's all the same to the "memorandum Beria," it does not have even the appearance of the record. In official papers of that era had its own fully qualified dictionary. Phrases were also built spetsefichesky way. And one argoticheskogo use of the expression "disinformation" in the printing document forgery issue of state importance. Beria real close and I would not write so Stalin! In addition, the real Beria was not so dumb to use in a report to Stalin subtle pun "dumb general Puffins." In this primitive slyapannoy "little fool" Berlin Ambassador Dekanozov attributed hypervigilant.

In reality, Dekanozov was inclined to agree with his davneshnim employee, a resident of intelligence NKVD Amayak Kobulov that Germans to strategic disinformation agent-framed d
ouble Berlinksa, who had a KGB, code-named "Lyceum student." So any "Dezamy" about the imminent coming of the Germans Dekanozov "bombard" Moscow could not — he succumbed to the disinformation agent "lyceum students", say in working. Stalin solved this misinformation.

I quote from a collection of documents on SMERSH for the period from 1939 to 1946 (New York, MFD, Continent, 2006):

"T-test leads Merkulov. Maybe send your "source" from the headquarters of the germ. Aviation fucked-tion to the mother. This is not a "source", and disinformation. I. Art. "…

This visa at the moment, too often cited as an argument Tipo "blindness" of Stalin other day of the war. But archival documents, as well as a visa for them, you need to read carefully. In Special report Merkulov were given two reports, and Stalin poorly rated only one! He divided the informants and expressed disbelief only informant from the headquarters of the Luftwaffe — "Petty Officer" (Schulze-Boysen), but not the informant from the Ministry of Economy — "Corsican" (Harnack). And to do so, Stalin had good reason, since the latter — before the war, as it turns out, a report "elders" just looked bad.

ORDER Tymoshenko

December 27, 1940 the new People's Commissar of Defense, Marshal Timoshenko, who had replaced Marshal Voroshilov, issued an order number 0367, which read:

"Order of the NCO 1939

0145 required a number of mandatory masking all newly constructed operational airfields. General Directorate of the Red Army, Air Force, these events had to spend not only on the operational, and the entire airport network BBC. But none of the districts tribute attention to this order is not paid and is not fulfilled … "

Has not been fulfilled and the order Commissar Voroshilov number 0145 from 09/09/39. The main blame for this lies, of course, to the inspector general of the Air Force, assistant chief of the General Staff of the Red Army Aviation twice Hero of the Russian Union of Lieutenant-General Jacob Smushkevich and chief of the Head Control Air Force, Deputy People's Commissar of Defense of the Hero of the Union of Russian Lieutenant General Paul Rychagova. These 2-governing pre-war Air Force shot down after the war began. For the cause they were shot or "innocent"? ..

So whether after such wonder that the war began because it started?

The date of the start of the war Stalin told myself ...  Hitler?

September 27, 1941. Russian soldiers captured the sights of German machine guns. To illumine 1941 Hitler's army was captivated only in Ukraine 675 thousand of our soldiers and officers … In less than a year old when Hitler finds this contract useless scrap of paper …

What you remember MARSHAL Meretskov?

Marshal of the Russian Union of Meretskov in his own memoirs, said the exciting part. In the last pre-war Sunday, in other words 15 June 1941, it is — then the deputy commissar for military training — was in the West particularly the military environment and followed the teachings of the aviation parts. Suddenly, in the midst of teaching German at the airport boarded the plane. Next — flat on the fifth quote, 1988, edition of memories politizdatovskomu Meretskova (p. 197):

"… All that happened at the airport was a field observation for it (the German aircraft. — SB) crew.

Do not believe her disgusted, I addressed a question to the commander of the district DG Pavlov. He replied that by order of the chief mufti of Soviet aviation at the airfield told to take German passenger planes. It angered me. I gave the order to prepare a telegram to Stalin about the improper actions of the civilian authorities and strongly scolded Pavlov for the fact that he is not about similar orders informed the People's Commissar of Defense. Then I turned to the chief aviation neighborhood Hero Russian Union I. Koptsov.

— What did it take you going? If war and aviation neighborhood will not be able to escape the blow of the enemy, then what will you do?

Kopec said very quietly:

— Then I'll shoot! "…

Exactly a week later the 32-year-old shot himself Kopec. His boss Pavlov was later shot. For business or not? ..


Thanks to the many sources of disk imaging Stalin had first June knew that the war will start very soon. And the "informed" him that he … Hitler! Nainteresneyshy having no examples in the military history of the case: the head of the 1st of the country — Stalin — the other day, the war could reach the "moment of truth" from head to manufacture a war head of another country — from Hitler!

Documents can return the course of the events of those days.

Stalin received reports of impending war on illegal and legal residency zakordonnyh of the NKVD Merkulov, General Golikov of illegal immigrants from the GRU of the General Staff of the military attaches and diplomatic channels. But all this can be a strategic provocation of the West, who sees in the clash of the USSR and Germany own salvation. But there is made Beria exploration frontier, and that is what they believe disk imaging not only possible, but also necessary. This integrated information from that extensive peripheral intelligence network that it can only be credible. And this information proves the closeness of the war. But check out all at all?

The best option — ask Hitler himself about his true intentions. Hitler is not the environment, and he himself, as the Fuhrer not just all of a sudden, even for the environment changed the timing of their own orders! Terms of coming on the Western Front in 1940, Hitler changed more than 20 times!

And Stalin June 18, 1941 refers to Hitler an urgent direction to Berlin Molotov for mutual consultations. This is not a guess, but the fact, noted in his diary the Army Chief of Staff Franz Halder Reich. Normative for at least some harsh war historian source has been issued by the Military Publishing House of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR in 1968 — 1971 years, and on page 579 the first two of the second volume in the middle of other items, June 20, 1941 we find:

"Molotov wished 18.06 read with the Fuhrer."

One phrase … Wanted, but for some reason not talked! Thou shalt not covet.

And this phrase, reliable fixation fact offers Stalin to Hitler urgently Molotov's visit to Berlin, it turns the whole picture of the last pre-war days!

One hundred percent!

But zryashnoe work — to find that fact in at least some of the official history of the war. Indeed, this fact destroys the whole ingrained — as we do, and in the West — the scheme! For what the situation was very different!

Stalin offered — maybe even 17 June 1941 … Hitler refused him not later than June 18. Go to a meeting with the Deputy Fuhrer Stalin simply could not.

Even if Hitler began to delay the answer, it would have been close to Stalin confirming the war. But in general, Hitler refused. Immediately!

And Stalin realized: this is war.

Realizing that Hitler decided the same on the war with Russia, Stalin immediately (no later than the evening of June 18) began to give proper disposal of a People's Commissariat of Defense. NKVD, in other words, Beria and his guards, to warn there was no need — they warned Stalin. It is time!


Russian intelligence for almost a day before the war, "fis
hed" another sensational information. This is confirmed in a note to Stalin, Molotov and Beria, Merkulov aimed Commissar GB June 21, 1941, with the text of the conversation 2-capital foreign diplomats, held on June 20. Part of the text shown below:

"- When I arrived your lieutenant general? ..

— Yesterday. He beheld Timoshenko and Zhukov.

— You were with him?

— I was with him.

— But he did not ask? Tymoshenko knew it from your general does not get the right answer … And then all the worry — war, war.

— Yes, yes. Russia learned … "

Yes, the Russian found!

And know in advance because of the huge efforts of large and small reconnaissance undertaken in recent months, capped personal overtures Stalin! It was a class of intelligence in the full sense of the word at the highest level!


So, for a day or three before the war Stalin with Molotov graduated sounding goals of Hitler and realized that the war on the nose. And he gave orders to an army of over-management alert. Action on that side of the border grew, and June 21, 1941, Stalin apparently authorized the second directive in the belief that the first is complete. First directive on the same readiness for the attack was given by Stalin, it must be assumed immediately after the flight of Colonel Zakharova with anxiety packets to the border and "puncture" of Hitler, has not accepted the Molotov 4 per day or up to the war. It appears that the Directive has been destroyed — most likely in the Khrushchev era. But a number of parts the last 3 weeks of pre-war days impressively proves its existence. Thus, the Admiral Kuznetsov in his memoirs, "The day before" writes:

"… TASS report of 14 June sounds illogical especially now that we know how to react to it, Hitler. June 17, in other words almost a day or three, he gave the order to begin the embodiment of the plan "Barbarossa" at dawn on June 22. Looking through the reports from the fleet, we can see in the over-activity of the Germans at sea specifically with this fatal number — 17 June … "

But everything is just a smart way! If TASS from 14 June 1941 overture was (and it was so), and then was held the second phase of the Stalin overture with a proposal for an urgent visit to Berlin Molotov, Hitler after his own refusal to talk with Stalin's emissary had to immediately authorize beginning "Barbarossa". He, too, was no fool. The troops of the Reich made and expected, but here Hitler, Stalin put in the situation of the "moment of truth." And Hitler probably realized: after his refusal to meet with Molotov, Stalin would have to do urgent measures in the border area of the military. This means that the element of surprise attack under threat.

And Hitler gave the final order.

No, Stalin was not a war "blinked." And intelligence "Calendar posts" elders "and" Corsican "cooked intelligence to the KGB, June 20, unclaimed not because Stalin did not trust these reports, as well as after June 18, 1941 for additional informing Stalin was no longer needs — an unwitting "informant" Stalin was Hitler himself.

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