The death of our civilization will begin with the Valdai or place of vanishing reality

June 10, 2012 9:02

The death of our civilization will begin with the ValdaiIn Kuzmolovskom tract, located near the Valdai Hills stretched dense forests. The nearest town is 20 km. Such solitude often gain fame because of all kinds of unusual phenomena.
In the same place, the reality disappears.

In autumn 2007, a local forester Mikhail Chumakov inspecting a forest in the suburb, which was to be a place for logging after it suffered a major fire. The tops of the pine trees were burned, and the trunk remained intact.

During the inspection, he found the dog in the bushes Karym hare and drove him to the swamp. Woodman decided to catch the prey, when it will run back, and located in a small clearing.

Hearing a dog barking, Chumakov prepared gun, but did not have to shoot him. Hare ran into a clearing and suddenly disappeared into thin air! Dog also confused and stopped. And then blame the face and ran down to the owner. Suddenly, too, was dissolved in the air in slow motion — first the head, and then the trunk.

Forester is so frightened that he was afraid even to move. Then he threw his stick to where the hare disappeared with the dog. It also vanished in the air, unable to fall to the ground.

Then suddenly it began to rain and the forester noticed that the rain formed a perfect circle with a diameter of about 5 meters. Its height reached about human growth, and rain in the circle not.

The dog did not return, and the forester went home.

After the incident, he went to this place a few times, we note that the diameter of the circle is growing. Strewn around the many fallen trees that were cut like a sharp razor. During one of the visits, he saw a large tree stump, which was located close to the circle. However, the next time the stump was not, as his "absorb" the circle.

Scientists have yet to three hypotheses. Object caught in the anomaly splits into a molecule. The second, which is a portal to a parallel world, where gradually be transferred our entire planet. A third suggests the occurrence of wave collapse. Scientists believe that it may be, as a natural phenomenon, and otherworldly forces, including aliens.

Also troubling is the fact that every second increases the range of 8 mm. At this rate, you will need only 10 years to the fact that the circle has reached some major cities like St. Petersburg or Moscow. And maybe this is the expected end of the world?

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