The demographic situation in Russia without movement

All the near future with the newspaper and magazine strips numerous publications, TV channels and radio stations do not actually coming demographic issue. With all of this most of the material focused on what the situation is with the configuration of the Russian Federation population is going very badly. Most of the people who had just heard the phrase "the Russian demography", just compare it with the natural negativity, who managed to take root in the minds of all its roots.

The demographic situation in Russia without migration

To confirm or refute the idea is that the Russian population is almost extinct, it is necessary to turn to the statistical data, which are published in different editions. Usually, the main source in such a situation is Rosstat, but that did not rely just only this organization is to provide information and other statistical services. For comparison we use this as a source of Forbes. Can you trust and one, and a second source — read, of course, it is difficult, but the main fact is that they operate completely independently of each other, and therefore, averaging data from Rosstat and Forbes, may be to get up close to the truth.

So, the first question to which you want to draw attention, is the following: What is the demographic situation in the RF today, and what the trend is taking place: the natural growth of the population or else its natural decline.
Here the results of research work as professionals from Forbes, and from the Federal State Statistics Service employees virtually unanimous. According to them, since the end of 2011 — beginning of 2012, our home for the first time in two decades climbed out of the very real demographic divide, reflected in a stabilization of population (excluding the movement of the population). With all this you can make a comparison of data for 2011 and 2012, to behold the expression of population change in real terms. So, for the first 5 months of 2011, the Russian Federation was born about 694.5 thousand children, and died at the same time, 824 thousand people. The natural decrease, respectively, amounted to 129.5 thousand people in the country. For the first five months of 2012, 752.4 thousand babies were born, and the mortality rate for the same time was 809.3 thousand people. The natural loss in this case is about 56,900 Russians.

On these numbers you can see is twofold. On the one hand it is reasonable to state that our homeland continues to die out, as the natural decline in population as before is the place to be, but there is the coin and the other side. The fact that they say the data exhibited a downward trend of mortality, with increased fertility. Data of the above relate to a very limited non-long term. If you do not enjoy the fruits of the past two years, two decades, the trend is even more of course.

The demographic situation in Russia without migration

The demographic situation in Russia without migration

The demographic situation in Russia without migration

In 1993, the natural decline in Russia was almost 3.5 times higher than it is now, in 2004 — 4 times higher than in 1999 — 4.5 times higher in 2002 — also 4.5 times higher. Beginning in 2004, has been a trend towards convergence curves of mortality and fertility rates. Although mortality is still prevalent, but if controlled by ordinary sociological formulas when using existing results, we can predict that in the 2014-2015 year, while maintaining a trend birth rate in Russia will exceed mortality.

If vorachivatsya to "bare" the figures, it can be calculated that over the past 20 years, Russian Federation, excluding the movement has lost about 4.7% of its own initial population. But, as has been said, the reduction is not that scary character, which was about 10 years ago.

Statistics that we offer and Forbes, namely, Mark Adomanis, says that over the past 6 years in the Russian Federation apparent reduction in mortality from circumstances such as suicide, murder and poisoning of alcoholic products. The largest decrease is due here to the number of fatal alcohol poisoning in the final. During the period from 2006 to 2012 year the number of deaths associated with the use of alcohol or a bad overdose, decreased by 3.8 times. It is very impressive value that is associated with a number of circumstances. One of the reasons — increasing the standard of living in the country when people can no longer allow ourselves to abandon the "scorched" alcohol, the spread of which in our country is still 7-10 years ago was of truly astronomical proportions. You can not read that "Palenque" is now one hundred percent gone, just the number of countries wishing to make use began to wane. New rules relating to excise duties also brought about changes in the sale of alcoholic products. An important role is also played a legislative initiative to strip the ability of manufacturers and distributors of alcoholic products to advertise your own product on television, and even the Web. After research of sociologists specifically allow advertising to increase the profits of producers of alcohol by almost 50%. Now advertising is actually missing, and that brings its first fruit.

Do not forget that not so long ago in Russia was adopted and another fundamental law: the prohibition on sale of alcoholic drinks in the evening and at night. Only this step could allow to significantly reduce the mortality rate in the country of excess alcohol consumption. After all, if people do not have the ability to buy alcohol in stores late in the evening and NIGHT MODE, when the level of alcohol consumption is the highest in the country, then it is, by definition, protects it from the purchase of "extra bottle" if, of course, it's not the message of nightclubs, bars and restaurants . But a complete ban in this case looks very small, stupid, since we already have such years as the alcohol product made outside the law, and what came of it, too many well remembered.
If we talk about suicide, here is our country now ranked 4th in the world in their number. In 2006, the about 30 thousand Russians have used suicide as a method of escape from life. In the past year, this figure has dropped significantly, and according to Forbes, was about 20.5 thousand people. Also, of course, a lot, but the downward trend inspires optimism for the future. If you associate with those in other states, the undisputed favorite for the number of suicides is China. Then once a year about 250-290 thousand people killed themselves with their own hands. In India — about 150 thousand people. In the U.S. — 33-38 thousand.
With all of this the United States a strong lead on the number of suicides using personal firearms, the debate about the legalization of which (korotkostvola) in Russia are not subsiding.

When considering the demographic situation in the country, which is slowly getting better year of the year, we did not come to the consideration of such questions as the number of terminated pregnancies. Unfortunately, the situation with abortions in Russia now looks even more difficult than the problem with drinking alcohol, smoking or suicide. Scary to say, but according to official statistics in this country are made about 1 million 200 thousand abortions a year! But official statistics, of course, does not account for those abortions that take place outside of hospitals or clinics in sweatshops. MP Lena Mizulina claims that the real number of abortions in Russia may exceed a multiple of the official statistics and be about 5 million a year. But even if you do not take into account the number one, voiced by Mizulina entirely possible to read that particular situation with abortions in Russia is one of the main components of demographic problems.

When it comes about the causes of abortion, many are inclined to say that an abortion in most cases go ladies, the leading anti-social lifestyle. But with such Rezonit can argue. Even the ladies presenting a very well-off strata of the population, often go for an abortion, or by concealing the fact of this pregnancy, or even to have other kids in the family, not counting those that are already there. And often it has nothing to do with the real welfare of the family, because now even the middle of a very wealthy families rarely possible to meet with the family of kids that exceeds two.
If you believe this same Federal State Statistics Service, over the past 20 years in Russia were not born into the world because of abortion, about 42 million children! The figure is truly frightening. If only managed only by official statistics, even in this case, we can state that our country ranks first in the number of abortions among all the nations of the world.

In this case, municipal authorities need to urgently strengthen the legislative policy concerning the situation of abortion. On the one hand, legislative measures have already been taken: to take at least the right to maternity capital. On the other hand this is not quite clear. Need to pay attention to such harsh practices as the unlawful conduct of proceedings for termination of pregnancy. Now such a business, literally, on the blood is flourishing in Russia, and the statistics avoided it, as operations are carried out often, where it is generally difficult to imagine themselves.

In other words, if we continue to implement effective devices to lower mortality rates and an increase in the birth rate, and begin to solve the problem of a reduction in the number of abortions, then, of course, that the demographic situation in Russia will return to normal pretty spirited pace.

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