The deportation of the Crimean Tatars. it was

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it wasI have a neighbor. Crimean guerrillas. In the mountains he left in 1943, when he was 16 years old. On it is better to say that document, if I am.

From the stories of Grigory Vasilevich:
"In 1942, the Tatars want to cut out all the Russian population of Yalta. Then Russia went cap in hand to the Germans, that they defended them. Germans gave the command — do not touch …"
"I do not know of any 1st Tatar, who'd been with the partisans …"
"May 18, I uttered that I will take out of the Tatars in Simferopol. I have it now and again did …."
"Had taken refuge after the eviction on Forests Tatars began to attack the individual fighter. Depart fighter in the bushes cast, and for the next day he was found — hung by the feet, and a member of the mouth …. They took a while troops from Sevastopol and the chain they had gone through all the forests of the Crimea. Who found the — some shooting. conversation was small. sense and great … "

A general all happened like this:

Recently the Russian majestically War Crimean Tatars were less than one-fifth of the population of the peninsula. Here census in 1939:
Russian 558481 — 49.6%
154120 Ukrainians — 13.7%
Tatars 218179 — 19.4%

All the same, the Mongol minority not been infringed in their rights in relation to the Russian population. Faster opposite. Municipal languages Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic were the Russian and Mongolian. In the framework of the administrative division of the autonomous republic was laid state principle. In 1930 he was made the national rural councils: Russian — 207 Mongolian — 144, German — 37, Jewish — 14, Bulgaria — 9, Greek — 8, Ukrainian — 3, Armenian and Estonian — 2. In addition, national districts were organized. In all schools in minority kids learn in their mother tongue.

After the outbreak of the war, many majestically Russian Crimean Tatars were called to Reddish Army. But their service was short-lived. As soon as the front closer to the Crimea, as desertion and surrender their midst was a massive character. It was natural that the Crimean Tatars awaiting the arrival of the German army and do not want to wage war. The Germans, using the existing situation, scattered leaflets from planes with promises to "solve, in the end, the question of their independence" — apparently as a protectorate in the German Empire.

Among the Tartars, who had surrendered to the prisoner in the Ukraine and other fronts, preparing cadres of agents who were thrown to the Crimea to strengthen the anti-Soviet, defeatist and fascist propaganda. As a result of the Red Army, manned by the Crimean Tatars, and were incapable of fighting the Germans in the entry area of the peninsula the vast majority of their personnel deserted. That's what they say about it in a memo to the Deputy People's Commissar of State Security of the USSR B.Z.Kobulova and Deputy Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR I.A.Serova in the name Beria, dated April 22, 1944:

"… All designed to reddish Army were 90 thousand people., Including 20 thousand Crimean Tatars … 20 thousand Crimean Tatars defected in 1941 from the 51th Army during its retreat from the Crimea … ".

That is, the desertion of the Crimean Tatars was actually native languages. This is confirmed by the data on individual human pt. Thus, in the village of 132 Thimble designed in 1941 in Reddish Army deserted 120.

Then began servility invaders.

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it wasCrimean Tatars in the auxiliary troops Wehrmacht. February 1942

Soft-spoken testimony of German Field Marshal Erich von Manstein, "… most of the Mongolian population of Crimea was set very friendly towards us. We even managed to form a company of Tartars armed self-defense, the task of which was to protect their own villages from attacks by hiding in the mountains Jajly guerrillas …. Tatars once stood on our side. They beheld in our own liberators from the Bolshevik yoke, much less that we respected their religious customs. I came to the Mongolian delegation, which brought fruit and lovely handmade fabric for Liberator Tatars "Adolf Effendi. '"

November 11, 1941 in Simferopol and other cities and villages Fri Crimea were made so called "Muslim committees." The organization of these committees and their activities are carried out under the specific control of the SS. Then the management committees to run across to the headquarters of diabetes. On the basis of Muslim committees was created, "Tatar committee"Centrally submission Crimean center in Simferopol with extensive development activities across the areas in Crimea.

January 3, 1942 was held the first official celebration of the Mongolian Committee meeting in Simferopol. He welcomed the committee and said that Hitler accepted the Tartars come up with a tool in the hands of the protection of their country from the Bolsheviks. Tatars, ready to take up an instrument, will be enrolled in the German Wehrmacht, will be provided to all and receive a salary on a par with the German soldiers.

After the approval of the general measures Tatars asked permission to finish this first meeting of the holiday — the beginning of the struggle against atheists — in their custom, prayer, and repeated at his mullah next three prayers:
1st prayer: to achieve a quick victory and a common goal, and for health and long years Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.
2nd prayer is for the German people and its valiant army.
Third prayer: for the fallen in the battle of the Wehrmacht soldier.

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it was

Crimean Tatar legions in the Crimea (1942): 147-154 battalions.

Many Tatars were used as guides death squads. Some Mongol units were sent to the front of Kerch and Sevastopol in part on part of the front, where he participated in the battles against the Red Army.

Usually, the local "volunteers" were used in a subsequent structures:
1. Crimean Tatar compound in the German army.
2. Crimean Tatar punitive and security battalions diabetes.
3. The device field gendarmerie and police.
4. The apparatus of prisons and camps diabetes.

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it was

The German non-commissioned officer of the Crimean Tatars is most likely from militia "self-defense" (under the jurisdiction of the Wehrmacht)

Faces of the Mongolian nationa
lity, who served in punitive enforcement and military units of the enemy, obmundirovyvalis in German uniforms and provided with the instrument. Persons who have distinguished themselves in their own treacherous activities, the Germans were appointed to command positions.

Help the Head of command of German Army from March 20, 1942:
"The mood of the Tatars is not bad. Go to the German authorities are to obedience and proud if they have recognition in the service or out. Most of pride for them — have the right to wear German uniforms. "

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it wasPoster calling for people to join the Waffen-SS. Crimea, 1942

You also need to provide quantitative data about the Crimean Tatars was in the middle of the guerrillas. On June 1, 1943 in Crimean partisans were 262 people, 145 of them Russian, 67 Ukrainians and Tatars 6.

After the defeat of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad, Paulus Theodosia committee gathered in the middle of the Muslim Tatars in aid of the German army one million rubles. Members of the Muslim committees in their work guided by the motto "only the Tatars of Crimea" and spread rumors about the annexation of the Crimea to Turkey.
In 1943 he came to Feodosia Turkish emissary Amil Pasha, who called the Mongolian population to support the activities of German command.

In Berlin, the Germans had created the Mongolian State Center, whose representatives in June 1943, came to the Crimea to see the work of Muslim committees.

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it was

Parade of the Crimean Tatar Police Battalion «Schuma». Crimea. Fall 1942

In April-May 1944, the Crimean Tatar battalions fought against Russian troops liberated the Crimea. So, on April 13 at the station Islam-Terek in the east of the Crimean peninsula against units of the 11th Guards Corps were three of the Crimean Tatar battalion lost only 800 men taken prisoner. 149th battalion stubbornly fought in the battle of Bakhchisarai.

Remains of Crimean Tatar battalions were evacuated by sea. In July 1944, Hungary was formed from their Mongolian Mining and Jäger Regiment SS soon expanded into the 1st Mongolian Mining Chasseur Brigade. A certain number of Crimean Tatars were transferred to France and included in the reserve battalion of the Volga Tatar Legion. Others, in the main untrained young people were enrolled in the auxiliary service defense.

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it was

The detachment of the Mongolian "self-defense". Winter 1941 — 1942 years. Crimea.

After the liberation of Crimea Russian troops the hour of reckoning.

"By April 25, 1944 Mr. NKVD-KGB, and the" Smersh "NGOs were arrested 4206 people anti-Soviet elements from their exposed 430 shpionov.Ne addition, the NKVD troops to protect the rear from 10 to 27 April detained 5,115 people, including arrest 55 agents of German intelligence and counterintelligence agencies, 266 renegades and traitors to the Motherland, 363 associates and appointees of the enemy, as participants death squads.

Arrested 48 members of the Muslim committees, including Ishmael, Apas — the chairman of the Muslim Karasubazarskogo District Committee, Batalov Balat — Chairman of the Islamic Committee of Balaklava district, Ableizov Belial — Chairman of the Islamic Committee of Simeiz area Aliyev Moussa — Chairman of the Islamic Committee Zuyskogo district.

Identified and arrested a significant number of persons of enemy agents, henchmen and supporters of fascist invaders.

In Sudak arrested chairman of the district committee of the Muslim Vekir Umer, who admitted that on the instructions of the Germans organized a volunteer squad of kulak criminal element and has been active in the fight against the guerrillas.

In 1942, during the landing of our troops in the town of Feodosia, Umerova detachment of Red Army soldiers detained 12 paratroopers and burned them zhivymi.Po case arrested 30 people.

In Bakhchysaray arrested traitor Abibulayev Jafar, voluntarily entered into in 1942 made the Germans punitive battalion. For the active struggle against Russian patriots Abibulayev was appointed commander of the firing squad and created a shooting of peaceful inhabitants suspected him in connection with the guerrillas.
Field Military Tribunal Abibulayev sentenced to the death penalty by hanging.

In Dzhankojsky region arrested a group including 3-Tatars, who on the instructions of the German intelligence service in March 1942 was poisoned in the gas chamber 200 Roma.

As of May 7 this year 5381 arrested persons enemy agents, traitors to the motherland, supporters of fascist invaders, and other anti-Soviet elements.

Illegally seized guns lying population of 5,395 rifles, 337 machine guns, 250 automatic, 31 mortar and a lot of grenades and rifle ammunition …

Part of the Red Army in 1944 deserted than 20 thousand Tatars, who betrayed the Motherland, ran over to the service of the Germans, and with the gun in his hand fought against the Red Army …

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it wasMongolian fighter of "self-defense". Winter 1941 — 1942 years. Crimea.

Given the treacherous acts of the Crimean Tatars against the Russian people, and based on the undesirability of the upcoming Crimean Tatar settlements on the outskirts of the Russian Border Union NKVD puts for your consideration a draft decision of the Municipal Committee of Defense of the eviction of the Crimean Tatars from the countryside.
Consider it appropriate to settle the Crimean Tatars as special settlers in areas of the Uzbek SSR for use in jobs in agriculture — collective and state farms, as well as in industry and construction. The issue of resettlement of the Tatars in the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic agreed with the Secretary of the Central Committee of the CP (b) of Uzbekistan that Yusupov.

The People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR 10/05/44 Beria. "

The next day, May 11, 1944 Council Committee Defense adopted a resolution number 5859 on "On Crimean Tatars":

"During the Russian war, many Crimean Tatars betrayed the Motherland, deserted part of the Red Army, defending the Crimea, and went over to the enemy, engage in voluntary Germans formed the Mongolian military units that fought against the Red Army, during the occupation of the Crimea German troops participating in the German punitive detachments, Crimean Tatars particularly distinguished for its brutal reprisals against Russian part
isans, also helped the German occupiers in the organization of forcible stealing Russian people in the German slavery and the mass extermination of Russian people.

The Crimean Tatars have cooperated intensively with the German occupation authorities, participating in organized German intelligence so called "Tatar state committees" and extensively used by the Germans for the purpose of getting to the rear of the Red Army spies and saboteurs. "Tatar national committees," in which the main role is played by White Guard-Tatar emigrants, with the support of the Crimean Tatars directed its activities in pursuit pripiranie and non-Tatar population of Crimea and have been working on the preparation of forcible exclusion Crimea from the Russian Union by the German armed forces.

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it wasCrimean Tatars in German service. Form Romanian. Crimea, 1943. Most likely, this battalion of police «Schuma»

Taking into account the above, the Municipal Defense Committee decides:

1. Evict all Tatars from the Crimea area and settle them on the continued residence permit as special settlers in areas of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. Check out entrust the NKVD. To require the NKVD (Comrade Beria) eviction of the Crimean Tatars to end the June 1, 1944

2. Set the following terms and conditions eviction:
a) to allow special settlers to bring personal items, clothes, household equipment, utensils and food in a quantity of up to 500 kg per family.

The remaining on-site property, buildings, outbuildings, furniture and household land by local authorities, and the entire productive dairy cattle, and poultry are taken Narkommyasomolpromom, all agricultural products — Narkomzagom USSR, horses and other beasts of burden — the People's Commissariat of the USSR, breeding stock — Narkomsovhozov USSR.

Acceptance of livestock, grain, vegetables and other agricultural products to create an extract exchange receipts for each location and each farm.

Instruct the NKVD of the USSR, People's Commissariat, Narkommyasomolpromu, Narkomsovhozov and Narkomzagu USSR to July 1 submit to SNK suggestions on the return on exchange receipts received special settlers from their livestock, poultry, agricultural products;

b) to organize the reception of special settlers left their places eviction of property, livestock, grain and agricultural seconded to the place of commission of the CPC.

Oblige the People's Commissariat of the USSR, the Soviet Union Narkomzag, NKMiMP the USSR People's Commissariat of the USSR to gain admission to the special settlers livestock, grain and agricultural products to send to the Crimea desired number of employees;

a) require the NTUC to organize transportation of special settlers from the Crimea to the Uzbek SSR specially formed trains on schedule, drawn up together with the NKVD. The number of trains, the loading station and the destination station at the request of the NKVD. Payment for the transport of produce at the rate of transport of prisoners;

g) Commissariat of the USSR to allocate to each tier of special settlers, in time as agreed with the NKVD, the 1st doctor and two nurses with the right of supplies and medicines to provide medical and health service in the way of special settlers, the USSR People's Commissariat provide all echelons of special settlers times a day hot food and boiling water.

To cater for the special settlers in the People's Commissariat of ways to allocate the quantity of product in accordance with the application number 1.

3. To require the Secretary of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Uzbekistan that Yusupov, chairman of the CPC UzSSR so Abdurahmanova and People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic that Kobulov to June 1 conduct follow-up to the reception and resettlement of special settlers:

a) accept and settle within the boundaries of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic of 140-160 thousand people special settlers — the Tatars towards the NKVD of the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

Settling special immigrants make to the state farm settlements existing collective farms, subsistence agriculture companies and industrial townships for use in agriculture and industry;

b) in the resettlement areas of special settlers to commission executive committee consisting of the chairman, the secretary of the regional committee and the head of the NKVD, charging the commissions carry out all activities related to the reception and accommodation of special settlers arriving;

c) in each area of introduction of special settlers to organize three regional executive committee consisting of the chairman, the secretary of the district committee and head of the NKVD PO with responsibility for preparing them for placement and the company receiving the special settlers arriving;

g) prepare guzhavtotransport for transportation of special settlers, mobilizing the transport of all companies and institutions;

e) To ensure that the special settlers arriving garden plots, and to assist in the construction of houses by local building materials;

e) to organize special settlers in the resettlement areas of the special settlement NKVD, attributing their content by the estimates of the NKVD of the USSR;

g) the CPC Central Committee and the Uzbek SSR to May 20 this year submit to the NKVD that Beria project resettlement special settlers by provinces and regions, indicating a discharge station trains.

4 Require Selkhozbank give special settlers, sent to the Uzbek SSR, in the places of their settlement, the loan for the construction of houses and economic furnishing to 5,000 rubles per family, with installments up to 7 years.

5. Oblige Narkomzag USSR make available to the CPC of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic of flour, cereals and vegetables for the issuance of special settlers during June-August of this year, equal amounts of each month, according to the application number 2.

The issuance of special settlers flour, cereals and vegetables during June-August of this year, create free of charge, in the calculation of acceptance with them in places eviction agricultural products and livestock.

6. To require the NGO to transfer during May and June of this year to enhance the transport of the NKVD troops stationed garrisons in the resettlement areas of special settlers — in the Uzbek SSR, Kazakh and Kirghiz SSR cars "Willis" — 100 pieces and trucks — 250 pieces, out-of-repair.

7. Oblige Glavneftesnab allocate and ship to 20 May 1944 on the orders of the items in the NKVD 400 tons of gasoline, in order SNK Uzbek SSR — 200 tons.

The supply of gasoline to produce due to uniform reduction of supply to all other users.

8. Glavsnables oblige the SNK USSR at the expense of all the resources put NTUC 75,000 bogey boards on every 2.75 m, with the delivery of up to 15 May this year, with shipping boards NTUC make their money.

9. People's Commissariat of the USSR NKVD released in May this year from a reserve fund SNK to hold special events 30 million rubles.

Chairman of the Municipal Committee of Defense Joseph Stalin. "

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it was

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  it was

Note: Rate for 1 person per month: flour — 8 kg of vegetables — 8 kg and 2 kg of cereals

The operation was carried out swiftly and decisively. Eviction began May 18, 1944, and May 20 is the Deputy People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR IA Serov and Deputy Commissar of State Security of the USSR B.Z.Kobulov reported in a telegram to the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs Beria:

"I hereby report that started in accordance with your instructions on May 18 this year operation to evict the Crimean Tatars is over now, May 20, at 16 o'clock. Evicted only 180,014 people., Shipped in 67 trains, including 63 tier numbering 173,287 people. be sent to the places of destination, the other 4 trains will also be sent to you right now.

In addition, rayvoenkomy Crimean Tatars have mobilized 6,000 military age who dresses Glavupraforma by the Red Army in the town of Guriev oriented, Rybinsk and Kuibyshev.

Of directed by your instructions in the order of trust "Moskovugol" 8000 special contingent 5,000 people. also are Tatars.

So makarom of the Crimean Autonomous Republic exported 191,044 persons of Mongolian nationality.

In the process of eviction Tatars seized parts of the 1137 anti-Soviet people., But only during the operation — 5989 people.
Guns seized in the course of evictions: mortars — 10 guns — 173 machines — 192 rifles — 2650, ammunition — 46,603 units.

Altogether during the operation seized: mortars — 49 guns — 622 machines — 724 rifles — and the ball cartridge 9888 — 326,887 units.

During the operation no incidents did not take place. "

Of the 151,720 Crimean Tatars aimed in May 1944 in the Uzbek SSR, in transit 191 people died.
Since the deportation on 1 October 1948 44,887 people died of the number deported from Crimea (Tatars, Bulgarians, Greeks, Armenians, and others).

What's all the same for the few of the Crimean Tatars, who really honestly have fought wars in the Red Army or the partisans, that contrary to the accepted opinion, they have not been evicted. In Crimea there are about 1,500 Crimean Tatars

"Undercover police field number 647
Number 875/41 Translation of His Highness the Emperor Hitler!

Allow me to convey to you our sincere greetings and our enormous gratitude for the liberation of Crimean Tatars (Muslims), languishing under the merciless Jewish-communist yoke. We want to have a long life, success and winning the German army in the world.

Crimean Tatars are ready for your fight with the cry of the German People's Army, on any front. At the current time in the forests of the Crimea are partisans, Jewish commissars, the Communists and the commanders who did not manage to escape from the Crimea.

For the speedy elimination of guerrilla groups in the Crimea, we ask that you allow impressive to us as connoisseurs of good roads and paths of the Crimean forests, arrange a former "kulaks", moaning for the past 20 years under the yoke of Jewish-Communist rule, the armed groups, led by the German command .

We assure you that in the very short term partisans in the forests of the Crimea will be destroyed to the last man.

We remain loyal to you, and also again want to have of success in your endeavors and long life.

Long Live His Majesty, the Emperor Adolf Hitler!

Long live the heroic, invincible German folk army!

The scion of industrialist and grandson of a former city
the head of the town of Bakhchisarai — AM ABLAEV

Simferopol, Sufi 44.

Correct: Zonderfyurer — Schumann

FUND P-9401 inventories of 2 CASE 100 390 SHEET "

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