The deputies decided: We have a lot of humanities, will cure their army

The deputies decided: We have a lot of humanities, will treat their armyUniversity students currently planned to call in the army is not an epidemic and in the field. First, economists and lawyers who are in the country and since divorced. But job seekers technical specialties, maybe will give deferment. The founders of this idea became the Committee of the State Duma Committee on Education and Defense. Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Education given its proposal, of course, support it, but in the Kremlin for the good ideas that have not yet been given. Also not submitted for adoption to the State Duma a draft law.

So, there is a list of the most intuitive and professions that are recognized by "unnecessary", and from which the armed forces will deliver labor market. This question will determine the legislators already in the process, as they say, in its sole discretion. But the long-suffering financiers lawyers have already mentioned. And how many different "useless" singer-dancers, managers of all stripes and philologists. But the various engineers, designers, technicians will keep as far as possible from the service. For all this, deferment offer to give them right up to October 1. So geeks will be able to safely education continue.

If you take into account that no matter what army in most of its own needs technicans, and not any kind of "thinkers", the logic of this bill is quite strange. Although based on the experience of the past, conscription campaign in Russia for some reason always guided by the quantity, ignoring quality. So with this bill it's okay. Especially as the president once used to complain about the glut of lawyers, in March of this year, said the right to postpone for vocational school graduates who want to pursue college education in the universities. By some estimates, the graduates of vocational schools may go above 30 thousand "otsrochnikov." In this case, if bill support of parliament and it will take effect is to clean boots and potatoes have the humanities, so teach it the rest of the new prestigious profession to choose.

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