The economy is booming, and money for transparent ballot boxes — no

Our student, commenting on the CEC chairman Lydia Yarmoshina about the fact that there are no funds for the purchase of transparent ballot boxes, gave his opinion:

"Yarmoshyna said that there is no means for the manufacture of transparent ballot boxes. Something similar statements do not join with those that say that we are the wealthiest of all the former Soviet republics. For example, in Ukraine, about which our authorities do not stop to say that there is chaos and poverty have long been used transparent ballot boxes. us at our well-being should be ashamed to use such urns. Or is it still not in the media? "

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko responds to the listener:

Anatoly Lebedko

"Transparent ballot boxes did not solve the problem of a fair vote count. First and foremost, that people with different political views, from different perspectives, different backgrounds, were represented in the election commissions.'s The only thing that can lead us all to the fact that we recognize that and voted.

A transparent ballot boxes — is an optional item. At that short of money at the Central Election Commission, it is, if you look BelSat roller on premium commissioners, to the dance-shmantsy-zazhymantsy those who made such useful results of this power. That's enough money for it. And in fairness, transparency, justice will never be enough as long as this government is. "

Students from time to time suggests, that society is not observed activity associated with the election of the President. Here is one of those calls:

"When you hear people's responses to the streets of our cities as they correspondents of" Freedom, "asking if they know of presidential candidates, the answers are the same. Besides acting, no one knows. Affected by this answer. When the responsible senior citizen who does not know anything, can agree, and when from a remote village, too, can accept. Complies with the same people in the cities, younger, are included in the internet, almost every family has a computer. All of this suggests people not interested. It remains to month, and they know nobody. And the current president could not collect signatures, because not previously collected. He could just automatically turn itself on this list. Another thing — all the others. Many gathered at 100,000, this is progress. "

Our ongoing listener read his poem on the election campaign:

"What is it, the slogan" Everything for the people "?
And it's all exaggerated prices freedom,
Officials multiply a large army
And "the king of the village," the freedom to create.

Do not get off for hours on television —
Freedom in our Supreme Pan.
And the names of prospects without the consent of the people
Change as pants, there is freedom from the government.

All for the people! All for the people!
From the sale of weapons to cash in freedom.
Freedom to justify the state of criminals,
And in this prison put the Patriots.

Freedom of the country's Basic Law
Someone needs to change the style.
Freedom is not a better life after years,
And always make the elections a farce.

All for the people! All for the people!
Above the native language of mockery of freedom.
Freedom naive oblaskival chimera
That they acquired the state apartments.

And those who will soon lie in graves,
The freedom to select all privileges,
In this case, the color of the people shout
The authorities are the same freedom. "

Our audience speak out about the appeals go to the square on November 24. Here is one of those calls:

"Not only is November 24th, but now every day to collect the people in the area until the grass is. Need a new president of the air, but it is unlikely to come true."

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