The employee Pinskdrev: Germans from domestic production clutching his head

Commission in the case of an explosion on the union "Pinskdrev" prepared a report on the causes of the accident at the factory DSP, which occurred on October 25. In the Pinsk not cease talking about the fact that the tragedy could have been prevented.

According to a source in the Security Council, a report prepared by a special commission that investigated with the causes of the accident at the plant chipboard association "Pinsk Wood". Details, however, unknown. Regarding the reasons that caused the explosion at the factory and killed 14 people so far are the various versions.

From the very first days after the accident in Pinsk talking about dozens of victims. In a family statement Kolodych Alexander, who was killed by one of the first to remember the master, who allegedly said that the explosion "were killed the whole shift." Brother Alexander Kolodych Oleg, who also worked at the factory DSP and escaped because on the day of the accident did not come to work, do not know what information to trust:

"I do not know. And I believe that may be the victims, and I do not believe. After all, people in the factory are silent and do not say anything. Me in the early days said that 30 bodies were in the morgue. But it was true or not? "

Oleg Kolodych came into his shop a few days after the accident. By the nature of the destruction of Oleg believes that the first explosion occurred at a site where produced from sawdust pilety — special pellets for burning in boilers. Pilety mainly went for export and gave the company a good profit in the currency. "Then he went up the chain explosion and came to the production of wood-based materials."

My second interviewee, Nicholas swaying, worked at the time of the explosion in a nearby shop. Among the other workers before the arrival of Nicholas rescue officers took out from the rubble colleagues. According to Nikolai Kolyshava, of about 50 people survived the change and not injured, "about 25", so the official figures "14 dead and six wounded," he said, "seems to be true." As for the causes of the accident, Nicholas said she started with a bang in the production piletah, adding that her could predict:

A month ago, someone had written the word "Hell" on the doors of the police station, where these were made pilety.

"A month ago, someone had written the word" Hell "on the doors of the police station, where these were made pilety. And these doors then vomited. The conditions there were terrible. After all, everything was in the dust, the people out there with a layer of dust on her face and clothes. And again, there was the new equipment, but it was intended for the manufacture of animal feed, but it adapted to these pellets from sawdust. Our technologist is directly mentioned. And the Germans who came to the factory, clutching their heads: how do you all vmyastsili in the shop, as it can only be distributed in the yard. And they drove the people in that mine — and let them work. "

Among the dead at the plant — and the Deputy Director Alexander Shynkaruk, whose office is located far from the scene of the accident. Why is deputy director at the center of the explosion, I asked Nicholas Kolyshava. According to an employee of the plant, one of the leaders of daily rounds of production, and so on all sites tried to make "everything worked." On the eve of the installation for the production of piletah idle, and on the day of its "tried to run before lunch." Just at the time could come to the shop assistant director Shynkaruk, he said.

According to some sources of association "Pinsk Wood", there is allegedly forcibly transfer the 10% of workers' wages to help families of the victims. It is so or not, I asked on the phone at the factory director DSP Leonid Logvin. This, however, was a very short:

"I do not have any information. I was in the hospital, so I do not own. "


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