The fire was extinguished in the Crimean reserve

The fire, which broke out on Sunday in the protected mountain forest on the southern coast of Crimea near Yalta, extinguished, according to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"As of 7:00 am (08.00 MSK) May 7 new lesions were found burning," — said the agency.

MOE also clarifies the place that the fire — it happened in the Crimean Nature Reserve, and not in the nearby Yalta mountain forest reserve, as previously reported.

Rescuers and foresters continue to monitor the fire site and watered some parts of the forest floor (compacted leaves and needles).

Specialists set of fire and extent of damage.

The fire, which broke out on Sunday morning, covered about 1.5 hectares. In the elimination of fire involved 187 people, 24 pieces of equipment and fire helicopter Mi-8.

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