The first — the court: I would like once again to hear about Molotov cocktails

The judge of the Leninsky District Court of Minsk Ludmila Grachev for nearly three hours reading the verdict, and then from the audience listened in silence negative statements about their verdict. Verdicts:

Nikolai Statkevich — 6 years maximum security prison.

Dmitry Usu — 5 and a half years in maximum security prison.

Alexander Klaskouski — 5 years maximum security prison.

Artem Gribkova — 4 years imprisonment with compulsory treatment for alcoholism.

Alexander Kvyatkevichu — 3 and a half years maximum security prison.

Dmitri Bulanov — 3 years maximum security prison.

Andrew Poznyak — 2 years of imprisonment, he was released in the courtroom.

Relatives of the prisoners after the trial said they did not agree with the verdict and would seek its cancellation and release of prisoners.

The judge read the sentence completely Lyudmila Grachev had a request Statkevich:

I would like to hear again the invisible weapons, Molotov cocktails and anti-freeze in the cold water.

"Dear Court, I would like to hear again the invisible weapons, Molotov cocktails and anti-freeze in the cold water. So please, if you health allows, I would like to completely ".

Judge Lyudmila Grachev"In the name of the Republic of Belarus. May 26, 2011 … "

Reading the verdict lasted about three hours. Several times in the voice of the public indignation that nothing could be heard. The judge pronounced the sentence is very quiet, and microphones, although they were in the hall, and not included. One judge Grachev warned the public that remove all of the hall, when will hear the outrage. But it had the opposite effect. People were outraged louder and eventually the judge simply ignored the protests. When Lyudmila Grachev finished, Uladizmer Nekljaev loudly said he hopes for a speedy release of all who have been punished by imprisonment. Relatives began to shout words of support and outrage.

— Hold on!

— We're all going to fight for you

— What you will not let me? — The police foiled an attempt by Dmitry Uss mother, who was taken into custody in the courtroom, to approach him to say goodbye. In the corridor court Sophia Moustache continued to protest the court decision:

We have neither the Constitution nor the law. Only one is all about.

"We have neither the Constitution nor the law. Only one is all about. And my father, grandfather, Dima, liberated Auschwitz. And I'm sick, I'm 70 years old, I can not for the pension, after working 37 years, buy genuine drugs. And he fought to have fair elections. People respected him very much, he was a deputy. "

Interviews and commentary on the corridor court allowed to speak not long: the court staff and police officers in plain clothes aggressively started to invite people to leave the building. Impromptu press conference asuzhynyh relatives held at the site near the court. Father Alexander Klaskouski who was sentenced to 5 years Alexander Klaskouski Sr.:

"We put them in the guilt that some exchanger closed … Allegedly paralyzed. And that paralyzed the entire monetary system now that all exchangers closed down — who is the opposition's fault? So let's deal with these problems. And what are the extreme, people who want to feel like citizens, Belarusians in this country . "

Mother Dmitri Bulanov, who received 3 years in prison Claudia Bulanava:

"I see that my son is kept well, proud of my son. He made these unjust accusations courageously. I want to make it all ended as quickly as possible and that the son was released. "


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