The Georgian authorities, bad Our homeland will win the election

Not far off the parliamentary elections in Georgia, and so the voices coming out of this very odemokratizirovannoy Washington former Russian Republic, becoming louder. Vociferous Georgian authorities, realizing that in future elections may fail miserably, use old, but tried and tested method that looks something like this: if you can do positive things to discover on the part of the electorate by economic units, then you should look for the enemy, so that the electorate this enemy scare. You can just guess who the Georgian authorities to scare people of their own country. The list is the same: the Abkhaz and South Ossetian administration, and, of course, our native land, which, according to the sovereign Saakashvili is the fourth year the Georgian occupied areas, a fact which does not develop beyond Georgia (possibly from common sense) to the state. Now bullying Russia built the Georgian people to the rank of the campaign Misha Saakashvili and his associates, who again want to firmly establish themselves in the Georgian parliament to create the appearance that the laws themselves make.

The Georgian authorities 'bad' Russia will win the election

On the days of Misha Saakashvili in Istanbul said that the case between Georgia and Russia may get better (all held our breath) when the foot of the last Russian soldier leaves the Georgia (all gasped in unison, as the old song, and the record clearly worn out).

Apparently, Michael Nikolozovich forgets that the terrain of Georgia now no 1st Russian serviceman, and these are the best soldiers on the ground independent states — Abkhazia and South Ossetia, whose people do not want a repeat of the Georgian aggression. Of course, that both, as deigned to speak Georgian favorite, Russian foot soldier will leave these areas, so for them there will be a Georgian feet, shod in benign NATO forged shoes.
But an old song about the Russian "occupation of Georgian territories," the Georgian authorities are now not restricted. You can see how alive the Georgian president and a number of his subjects right politicians, when Vladimir Putin announced the creation of the ability of the Eurasian Union. From Georgia here poured word about, that none of the former Union Republics did not even think to give in to the "provocation" of Putin and join the Eurasian Alliance. Georgian Foreign Minister Vashadze sovereign as general said that now the Russian threat in the form of a "resurgent USSR" hangs not only on his Georgia home, but also on other countries, namely, over the Ukraine. Excessively concerned about the "Russian threat" Vashadze also addressed to favorites 2-Caucasian republics, stating that Our homeland can trample down and these countries (Armenia and Azerbaijan), as it once did with South Ossetia and Abkhazia. According to the views of the Georgian minister of foreign affairs, as the Armenians and Azerbaijanis will start again to find out investigation into the administrative affiliation of Nagorno-Karabakh, so here is how will our homeland, and then sobbed Caucasian sovereignty in general. On the one hand — this is an expression that looks another Georgian hysteria in the address of, but on the other hand this is something you can Grigol Vashadze and say thank you. You'll see, will save it in your own words the Caucasus from the latest war. It seems that he is there to let myself accept Russia as his heart desires, but if it does not give the perception of the modern Caucasian begin the slaughter, it is even a viable option. Apparently, not to joke scared sovereign Georgian minister Russian response to the Georgian onslaught in 2008, once he's decided to warn their own neighbors.

Tightened to the new reproof to the address external and internal enemies, and "democratic" Georgian press. On the days of "Georgia online» issued such material from which were almost tremble at the feet of ordinary Georgian voters at the mere mention of the word "Russia". Georgian journalists practically declared that if the team of Misha Saakashvili, radiant suddenly fail in an election, for it is obviously our homeland. Our home is on the views of the creators of the material, is sponsoring virtually every opposition taken separately, which speaks out against the current policy favorite. Our homeland, according to the views of Georgian journalists generously funds Bidzina Ivanishvili, so he Saakashvili discredited in the face of the ordinary representative of the Georgian electorate.

Well, there is, as they say, it would be for anything to discredit. According to the views of the appropriate people, and most of Georgian voters specifically refers to such and Misha Nikolozovich has long been discredited himself. One may talk about the ways of the Georgian president to fight corruption and glass police stations, but from the figures in the economic condition Georgia there is no escape. According to the IMF, at the end of 2011, the average annual per capita income in the country amounted to about $ 5,500. For comparison, the rate in Azerbaijan is $ 10340, Ukraine — $ 7200, RF-more than $ 15,000. The average pension in Georgia not up to GEL 100 — about 2100 rubles. The rate for the average pension in Kazakhstan — more than 11,000 rubles in Russia — about 9000 rubles, in Belarus — about 5000 rubles.
That sense from transparent police "aquarium", when most of the inhabitants of Georgia are on the edge of a cliff money.
In such a situation, the Georgian authorities, of course, you need to think up the existing mechanisms, the old man, who in Georgia just to make ends meet, in the next parliamentary elections went to vote for "the sun of the nation" — Misha Saakashvili and his party.
Let us not forget that the Georgian president for a day or once again justified that for him it does not matter what situation is now Georgian people, but fundamentally, that the situation is not getting out of it, as he himself seems to control. The fact that the Tbilisi tribunal claim Bidzina Ivanishvili, the Georgian president is deprived of citizenship in the autumn of last year (as a web-site "Military Review" reported to the reader), left without indulging. So Makar, Saakashvili completely got rid of the person to whom the strength to win the elections in Georgia. The decision of the Tbilisi Court is the whole essence of the policy of the current Georgian president that weird way concerned about the violations of human rights in Russia, but about human rights in Georgia for some reason forgets.

In general, the closer will be closer to the election date Georgian Parliament, the more "effective measures" will solve the Georgian authorities: and reluctant to "witches" here will not do.

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