The Great American Myth

It is possible that the Americans believe that their country has unique advantages, but in reality it is not the case. Over the past few decades, the famous American political and public figures awarded States so loud epithets as "the last hope of mankind," "Empire of Freedom," "indispensable nation", "leader of the free world." All of these stereotypes are for the most part provide an explanation to the fact that all of the candidates for president feel obliged to sing the praises of American greatness. The final marked the recent candidate Mitt Romney, who said about American exceptionalism, meaning by this that the values, history and political system of America is so unique that it is worthy of universal admiration, and even more so at the behest of destiny, America must play a leading role on the world stage . However, the problem lies in the fact that these perceptions about the U.S. role in the world based largely on myths. Of course, no one will dispute the fact that this state has some unique parameters and characteristics, in particular the high level of religiosity and political culture. However, by focusing on their supposedly exceptional qualities, Americans do not think about the fact that in many ways they are very similar to other nations.
Confidence in the exclusivity of the United States prevents its people to understand why other people without much enthusiasm perceived American hegemony why the foreign policy of the state is in serious concerns among others, and why those others perceive as hypocrisy of America its compliance with international law and the condemnation of the actions of others, completely ignoring its shortcomings. Thus, a more realistic and far more critical analysis of the characteristics of the United States of America.

So … One of the most common myths is the proposition that in the most exceptional America is something exceptional. Thus, every time the U.S. government says the special responsibility of the state, as a rule, they mean that the United States is different from other states, and therefore can take on special responsibilities. In fact, nothing unusual in this country do not. Moreover, the world is aware of many instances where great states, including itself, like America, above their rivals, imposes its own "rules" to others, believing that they serve some special benefit. Vivid examples of this — Britain, France, Portugal (in the capture of the colonies). Thus, for the United States as a great power, to consider themselves special — it is not an exception but rather the rule.

Another misconception of Americans is to ensure that they are confident that the U.S. is a more worthy than other states, that the state is a freedom-loving, peace-loving, more respects human rights and adheres to the law. But the reality is not nearly as good. Of course, you can not compare America with the most violent countries in the world in the history of mankind, but in the modern history of this country is one of the most expansive. First of all, we need to remember that the process of unification of the country associated with a large number of colonies, and the extermination of the indigenous population. Second, America has been involved in a large number of military conflicts, some of which were isolated directly by the Americans, and even more so in these wars, the U.S. does not act as a model of humanity. Thirdly, now U.S. drones and special forces staged a real hunt for those "involved" in international terrorism, and in the course of these operations or killed many an innocent civilian population.

The U.S. government says about human rights and respect for international law, but at the same time, it has not signed virtually no human rights agreements, does not recognize the International Criminal Court, are supporting dictators. Moreover, in American prisons occur bullying and torture of prisoners (Abu Ghraib).

No less Americans believe in the fact that such a significant success on the world stage the country has managed to achieve thanks to the political vision of the founders, the perfection of legislation, as well as the hard work and creativity of the American people. Of course, no one is going to challenge the scientific and technological achievements, that the Americans, but his great success in the state is as much to be grateful happy coincidence: the American continent is rich in natural resources, the country is geographically located at a distance from the other states that provide her immunity many European diseases.

The population of the United States argues that the world is changing for the better also because of his country. In recent decades, many times you could hear the thought that America plays an indispensable role in the formation of a stable political international relations that U.S. hegemony is a must for the future of democracy, freedom, international order and economic openness in the world.

Thus, the United States take credit for excessive merits in terms of global progress, not ready to admit guilt in circumstances where their policy is clearly counterproductive. Americans are not able to see their own shortcomings and flaws, which often leads to tragic consequences. Of course, in America, like every other state, has its own special features. This is just one of the states in the world that is much richer and stronger than many, and has a much better geographical location.

The fact that even in such "unique" states there can be problems, suggests the economic situation that currently exists in America. In the country, housing prices have fallen, the number of unemployed reached almost 10 percent, one in six of the country is unable to provide themselves with adequate food without government food coupons. The budget has a huge deficit.

It is believed that the U.S. government will be able to overcome these problems, because the state holds the first place in the world in terms of GDP, it has the reputation of a country that is able to update itself every 25 years, in line with the new realities, has the most powerful army and holds the key to the world's reserve currency. Moreover, the government is trying to convince the public that there was just a temporary glitch, and will soon be able to overcome the crisis. The last crisis failed to win in six months, but to date, according to experts, the country will need at least five years to return to normal levels of employment. High unemployment reduces the rate of growth, and complicates the process of creating new jobs. Therefore, to achieve the level of unemployment equal to 5 percent, you need to create a monthly basis by 187,000 jobs, but it is obvious that it is impossible in the current situation.

In addition, half of the U.S. population claims that get much lower wages than before the crisis, so it can secure a normal life. As for business and enterprise, it feels quite good, but on their employees no private company to spend money in a hurry. In addition, the leadership of most major U.S. firms think thrice about whether to open a new company in America, if there is a good opportunity to open it in China, Brazil or India.

Thus, the bottom line is the fact that the U.S. economy needs a major shakeup. In order to bring the country out of the crisis, there are long-term and Short-term solutions. And how effective they will be dependent on the economic situation in the coming decades.

To complete the picture, mention must be made about the all-powerful U.S. military. In the existence of this myth is not surprising, after all, the very history of the country, and the appearance of its armed forces is shrouded in myths. The regular army appeared in America, only the beginning of the Civil War, 1861-1865. Until that moment, there were semi-guerilla rebel grou
p from among the colonists. By the way, even in the years of the military conflict, the American generals had very little understanding of not only the tactics of warfare, but that in general such hostilities. During the Spanish-American War, which began in 1898, American troops have also failed to show his best side. In Spanish territory they are virtually no resistance, but in Cuba they have not managed to break the resistance of the enemy. American forces were in a very difficult situation, and the lack of food and tropical disease caused them to think of surrender, but the Spanish command failed the first, offering his own surrender quickly.

After that, the government tried not to interfere in the problems of Europe, preferring to solve their own problems. However, when the First World War, it became obvious that it promises considerable economic benefits to those who will be in the winners circle. Americans, being very practical and cunning, entered into a military confrontation only three years after the start of the conflict, that is, one year before its completion, when the winner is decided. But the American reinforcements began to flow to the front only in 1918, almost six months before the end of the war, its number was about one million people, thus it is necessary to note that these warriors were incapable of fighting. They did not have any firearms or artillery. When, by the French and British allies, they got weapons and engaged in battle, the results were terrible — for a few months of hostilities the Americans lost in killed about 200,000 people, injured about 600,000 people. Thus, the U.S. Army in World War virtually ceased to exist.

When the Second World War, the U.S. government remain neutral until the Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Only then will the American troops entered the anti-Hitler coalition and started fighting. And thanks to the presence of the atomic bomb and its use on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, America has managed to gain a leading position in the world after the war. And the population of the country came to believe that America is powerful.

Debunk the myth helped another American war in Iraq (1991). Its results for the United States were very serious — only for the first week of fighting U.S. troops have lost 10,000 soldiers and about six dozen tanks. In spite of this, then managed to convince the world of its victory, though in fact no victory and was not: the war aims were not achieved, destroy Iraqi forces failed, but succeeded in overthrowing the regime of Saddam Hussein. Due to the inability to defeat the enemy, the U.S. government has decided that enemy to bribe him to give up, and the United States were able to once again demonstrate the military power. Something similar can be observed in the course of the war in Iraq in 2003. But the situation was the situation in such a way that the regime in the country was not so totalitarian: solid accounts in foreign banks, and at least a solid ties with Western countries were the main reason for wanting to surrender in Iraq's ruling elite. Despite the fact that the regime was overthrown, the country is destroyed and looted, the Iraqi people do not give thought to the end — instead of winning a mass movement of the insurgency against the U.S. occupation. And if at the beginning of the war to day about 20 attacks on U.S. soldiers, then over time it had risen to one hundred attacks, and in the late autumn of this figure is generally reached 200 attacks per day.

Do not forget about the U.S. casualties in this war. Within a few months of the conflict U.S. forces lost at least 30,000 soldiers killed. The main reason for the large losses lies in the fact that the soldiers and officers had a very low level of merit. Ordinary soldiers did not know how to act in a real fight, they had no idea how to use the shelter. As for the officer corps, it looks all military training in the U.S. looks very, very solid. But in fact, about 70 percent of all officers are graduates of civilian institutions in which they were military training courses, simply put, a military department. This training is reminiscent of the lessons of basic military training in secondary school that existed in the USSR.

Another problem — these are the people who pass these courses. The fact is that the U.S. is very expensive training, so he can pay for a few. To get to the number of those for whom the state pays, you need either a very good student, or be an athlete, or go to the military department. Thus, it appears that future military malosportivnye are not very educated people from poor families, that is, intellectuals with a large number of medical, financial and other problems.

Of course, there are also professional colleges, but they play only a minor role in the preparation of regular officers. So, for example, an officer candidate school at Fort Benning each year about 5 hundred prepares graduates who are prepared for three months, the number of soldiers, warrant officers and sergeants who want to become officers. After training they are sent for training in the specialty for several months.

There is also a military academy at West Point, but to break the common man here is almost impossible. First, the advice is needed, someone from the government or government officials, and secondly, a lot of money, because the training lasts for 4 years and is worth about 250,000 dollars. However, this does not mean that at the end establishments person will receive full military training and the appropriate specialty. It simply does not provide special training for officers of a certain kind of troops.

As for increasing the level of military education, it is necessary to say that in America there are no military academies — the courses here cost improvements commanders, who are called "Military Colleges." Education in them lasts less than a year.

Thus, from the above we can draw some conclusions.

America is not a superpower. In it there are signs of the crisis that caused the fault of the political leadership. Despite the fact that the state plays a very important role on the world stage, and few events happen in the world without the Americans, their former influence they lost. And the U.S. military, in particular, personnel, suffers the same complexes, like all other normal people: they just want to live, are vulnerable to infections and suffer from pain. And therefore — U.S. army can be defeated …

Materials used:…amerikanskaya-armiya.html Author Valery Bova

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