The Great Shift 2012 — Oleg Cherne

Oleg Cherne He studies ancient Vedic culture for over 25 years. Traveled to more than 120 countries, studying the various internal and external practices. Oleg tells the story of "The Great Shift 2012"

Time greats gone. Today is the time of gray people, little people, who are able to adapt and adjust to this down-beat. And nothing to do but wait until they die. The rhythm of today's development, the education system is set up for just such recruitment perishable mutated bioproducts. Therefore, those who have not become the slave of these mutants should step back and work on yourself. Fighting them — is like wrestling with cockroaches.

Before the man was able to focus on their actions and realize assigned to them by the task. And it all comes down to the quality of a birth. Today, even qualitatively born child enters the chaotic rhythm of existence and becomes a parasite rather than the bearer of his personal will. And here no great schools will not help, because the child is waiting for all of the same grayish teachers who are victims of progress and their family nor the will, nor the concentration. However, qualitatively born today in times less than before, because the mothers have babies like rabbits, but do not know how to teach them, because they themselves are not trained. Tell me, what the student or the student is now a need to read Aristotle, Cicero, Seneca, Anna Lucia, and other thinkers, the perception of which should be not only time, but also the effort?

In the space that is already occupied and divided, even while alone, man can not and does not know how to use it. That is where he should look for the salvation of his mind, he runs away as the mind today — it's a computer button, which has learned to push the new generation, following the instructions and information, not for analysis. And hope that today will be great men, not necessary — even if they appear, no one will appreciate their greatness. Maybe for them it is not necessary, but it is necessary for the space that it improved.

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