The Greeks put up the bill for German WWII

The Greeks put up the bill for German WWII
German troops landing on the Greek peninsula of Crete in May 1941.

Greece's Finance Ministry is preparing to put Germany on reparations bill on the basis of the second world war. According to Deputy Minister of Finance Christos Stakurasa that leads Bloomberg, it will be the first time that Greece will allow for myself to do a similar calculation, the bureaucrat said in response to question 1 st member of the independent Greek party. He added that the ministry of already started collecting archival materials that undergo examination group of professionals. According to Digital Journal, according to the calculations of the Special Commission, Germany as before Athens has around 7.5 billion euros.

"Reparations from Germany — is a very difficult question of law which should be investigated and resolved at the international level, in accordance with the norms of international law ", — said Stakuras during the meeting of the Greek Parliament. — "This process has so far not been resolved, and we reserve the right to bring it to a successful conclusion."

Memoirs of the years of the Nazi occupation of the country began to sound in conjunction with the start of the debt crisis. During the parliamentary elections in May and June of this year to claim reparations from Germany called on members of the independent Greek party.

Manipulation of the compensation for the damage inflicted during the war, in the last decade, Greece artfully combines a cramped two-way cooperation with Germany. Complaints include the Greeks and loan repayments of Nazi Germany that the Greeks did not manage to compensate, reports "Interfax".

In March 2006, the Constitutional Court of Germany ruled that the government should not pay personal compensation for war crimes committed during the second world war. Under the contract of 1960 the country has already paid around 60 million euros Greek victims of the Nazi regime in 2010, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke Germany.

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