The Greeks will save on military

The Greeks will save on military

Authorities Greece determine, on what you can save almost a third of billion euros, and, more precisely, 325 million. Requests for such amount to reduce radiant failure of the Greek budget European Alliance. The first tightening their belts municipal employees. But in the main in Greece "get" the Defense Ministry.

Source in the Greek government has told: "100,000,000 euro means to reduce operating costs by reducing the Defense Ministry, and about 90,000,000 euro — At the expense of early more than previously expected, the reduction of wages in the municipal sector. "

But more cuts are needed. At € 135 million will be cut expenses MIA, the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Health. Specifically, the planned cuts in pensions.

The interviewee summed up: "We are almost ready … The agreement must be approved on Mon, unless someone does not make a deal that will turn the whole arrangement."

Ministers of money seventeen states in the European zone recently postponed meeting, which was planned to approve the next step of monetary aid to Greece, which happened in the grip of a debt crisis. Chairman of the Ministerial Committee, Jean-Claude Juncker gave to understand that the previously approved by Parliament Greece Plan budget constraints is insufficient. Because the meeting did not take place — until such time as the Athens of the information will not appear on the forthcoming reduction of municipal spending.

Cash failure of the size of 325 million euros was the subject of embarrassment for the European ministers. This Greek "hole" was left to shine, and the criteria approved by the Greek Parliament applets savings of 3.3 billion dollars. euro in the current year. Representatives of the EU Member States have expressed the requirement that the parties have found an opportunity favorites darn economical hole. Not many of the ministers claimed by MPs written promises of pay cuts and pension and reducing state apparatus.

Earlier, the Cabinet has approved Greece's plan to reduce the municipal budget. According to the plan, Greece is meant to eliminate fifteen thousand jobs. Low wages in the country, according to the plan, will drop by 20 percent (from 751 euros to 600 euros). Will be tightened labor laws of the country. Greece's parliament has approved such action on February 13, right behind than the streets of Athens were shrouded in mass protests, during which affected 10's people.

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