The Indians saved the alien


This incredible stuff a few years ago published a popular science magazine "Rath" (USA). Many ufologists have accepted this hypothesis as true. Skala Newspaper (Newspaper Rock) in the state of Utah is covered with amazing ancient drawings, including images of six-toed footprints feet.

The U.S. state of New Mexico is primarily known fact that here in July 1947 there was an accident spaceship aliens. But even once the world's media did not mention the following, however improbable events.

Around midnight on August 13 of the same in 1947, six Indians Apaches settled down for the night in the southern desert region of New Mexico. During dinner, they jumped with fright at his feet: they struck a powerful roar which sounded very close. Flashed a flash — and the ground beneath his feet shuddered. Grabbing flashlights, the Indians rushed to the scene and soon their eyes appeared a terrible picture: the halo of flashing lights on the ground lay a strange cylindrical apparatus by a third crashed into the ground, with a gaping hole manhole cover which was lying nearby. "Obviously, some crashed aircraft, and the pilot can not get out", — concluded the eldest of the men cautiously poking his head into the dark hole. Inside the red-hot device they found something like the cockpit and the "little man in a white suit, with a big head and big eyes, who was lying on the floor, writhing and wincing at times" — recalled one of the rescuers. They dragged the unconscious and being carried to his camp.

In the morning they made a stretcher for him and after a few hours have already been to his village, where old men began to nurse the stranger Indian agents. Gradually Star Brother, as it was called in the village, came to himself, and with him were at the special case of purple crystals, told the Indians — by transferring the image on the screen — absolutely incredible history of the Earth and humanity.
According to the Indians, the little alien from outer space gave them the following information: the aliens appeared on Earth back in those early days when it was a chilled outside a block of stone, and then throughout the evolution of life on the planet have made some changes in it. For the future of mankind, these experiments were both good and evil.

Details rescue an alien and his revelations made with crystals, in 1976, one of the six Indian told his grandson Robert, and even showed the burial place of the deceased shortly Star Brother. The stories are so shocked by Robert's grandfather, that he decided to devote his life to finding evidence of alien messages. Already in the 36-year old Robert, have done enormous project, presented the results in the book "Terra. Unknown Story of the Earth."

It is told that at the dawn of the most primitive forms of life on earth she was visited by a detachment kosmitov who established themselves and in their own way beginning of evolution. Homo Sapiens has been displayed for selection to the aliens in his face had a strong and mentally self-developing assistants, workers. The leader of the aliens brought their genetic information (DNA) in the genotype of the first human beings who in ancient legends received the title of "Children of the Gods."

In the last generations of people, this progenitor of mankind has used DNA representatives of another race — the emotional and biradlike natured creatures. It is this genetic stream and gave people the passion, sensitivity, capacity for independent judgment and independent actions. This newcomer also taught people to multiply on their own initiative, and which is still in a state of lullabies race earthly people start their cultivation.

Later in the book of Indian researchers say that in the early stages of human development emerged two of its branches — the people docile and peaceful, irrevocably submits to the founders, and the people of mutant aggressive and unruly. Brother of the creator of the human race banished treacherous mutants in the desert, condemning to extinction.

Went millennium. And the moment when the Earth was to manage another race of aliens, creatures in the form of gray lizards. These beings are genetically bred even more advanced race living in sverhudalennoy galaxy, and now masterminded many aspects of human life: they consume the Earth's natural resources are extracted from the bodies of humans genetic material for their experiments, using a number of governments to ensure the secrecy of the existence of technology and means known to the population of the planet under the vague name of UFO (UFO). "They have their own base on the moon, and they warned the government categorically dominant states — do not fly to the moon!" — Says Robert.

Robert cites evidence their conclusions. First of all, he calls one of the unknown wonders of the world — Baalbeck in Lebanon terrace. To get to the temple of Baalbek in its heyday, it was necessary to climb the most extensive in the world ladder. At each of its 27 stages could be in a number of 100 people! Stage knee tall man, like built for some of the giants. From the main colonnade of the temple today survived twenty-six meter high columns with a diameter of 2.5 m each. String weight is 45 tons! Raise them, even using modern construction techniques — an extremely difficult task. Who could carve out of stone colossi of these and install them tens of thousands of years ago?

The terrace itself is lined with blocks of an average size of 4.3 x 3.6 x 19 meters! With a weight of up to 750 tons! The fit is amazing blocks: the stones as if fused with each other. Even a drop of water is not absorbed by the joints and roll down!

Next. In the National Park of Utah has a number of phenomena, indicating, according to Robert about staying there aliens in ancient times. Chief among them, he says Arch Druids — the ruins of a gigantic building, which preserved inscriptions carved in the form of intractable deciphering hieroglyphics. On one of the rocks are cut by deep, balanced and amazingly accurate horizontal striations. Their natural origin can not speak: according to a polished walls, they could leave only the laser aliens!


In the dried-up stream of huge stones set with polished rectangular faces, as if oil sticks, sliced very thin string. A road leading into this reserve is Newspaper Rock-carved with her dozens of prints … six-toed feet! All tracks lead to a silhouette located just knocked out of circles of different diameters of vertical structures on three pillars. According to Robert, this is a message to resettle the inhabitants of the Earth's six-toed superdrevnih in other galaxies.

In the epilogue to his remarkable book, Robert points out: "You can either believe or not to believe a word I say. Truth is all, or fiction — you decide yourself."

"Interesting newspaper. Incredible" № 17, 2012

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