The loss of cattle in Kostanai region

For a week the locals fell 6 cows. 10 more under threat. Now find out the cause of death of veterinarians. As it turned out, the day before the mass of animal disease, they were vaccinated against anthrax and blood sampling was performed. According to villagers, the reason was the wrong procedure.

In Anara Baitursynov this calf is sick for two weeks. On the neck of the animal appeared strong tumor that prevents breathing. Another cow was killed immediately. According to the hostess, the first symptoms appeared immediately after the visit by veterinarians. Animals were vaccinated against anthrax and took blood.

Similar symptoms in animals neighbor Kulkash Rakhmetova. True, the procedure for its cattle spent a week later. Now a cow does not arise.

Due to the mass loss of cattle panicked the whole village Chile. Almost half of the population suffer from a cow.

In total, in the village of Chile fell six head of cattle. For some reason, there was a case which has not yet been established. Veterinarians did not exclude the version of anthrax. So the whole fallen cattle burned on this cattle cemetery not far from the village. All analyzes vets sent to the laboratory. Who treats sick cattle. The fact of the improper procedures completely deny. They say all the fault of the people themselves Chile that keep sick animals.

While veterinarians find out the cause of mass deaths, the villagers count losses. Several families lost their only source of income. Several people have already submitted an application to the district prosecutor's office and intend to seek compensation for the damage.

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