The mission of the OSCE observers began work in Belarus

The head of the OSCE ODIHR observation mission Geert Ahrens met with Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lydia Yermoshina.

The parties agreed that such meetings will be held weekly.

Ahrens said that even before the primary election day observers will prepare two interim reports.

The reports will be ready no earlier than two weeks after, in Belarus will work long-term observers.

40 long-term observers from 18 countries will arrive in Belarus on November 17.

The elections will also be watching 400 short-term observers.

At a meeting with journalists Ahrens did not give political assessment of the situation in Belarus. He just said that on the eve of the OSCE and the Venice Commission have issued a joint memorandum on changes in the electoral law Belarus.

Ahrens said that the observers of the OSCE will follow in including and for those in practice will work these changes.

Iodine stressed that special attention will be given to observers counting procedures and progress of early observations.

Geert Ahrens said the observers will stay in Belarus for another week after December 19.



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