The municipal budget coup of 50 thousand rubles

In July last year, was arrested in Yekaterinburg veteran Afghan War, a retired colonel Leonid Khabarovsk. Charge against the veteran, stirred up the public. Honored military accused of preparing an armed rebellion. Unlimited number of articles, appeals to the Web, and even a special website, made in support of the arrested person, show special attention to the case. Effect power blamed for the behavior of an evil, persecution on political grounds, as in other anti-democratic wrongdoing. Let's try to look at the situation from the outside.

The coup budget of 50,000 rubles

Indeed, the virtual network is constantly supplemented with news about the fate of Leonid Khabarov behavior of law enforcement agencies are the most negative assessment of colors. The complete absence of disk imaging on television shows that power not lust comprehensive publicity thrilling investigation. For a fair and complete picture of the readers what is happening, you need to turn to the events of July 2011.

Judging by the transmissions broadcasted channels are popular now, Our homeland is going through one of the most suitable and measured periods in history. It is not many people know about the activities of such unwanted current government motion as a "Militia behalf of Minin and Pozharsky." In defense of law enforcement should still say that this movement is really defies all constitutional norms and calls for open revolt against the government, sometimes veiled, and often right. But this is not about that.

In July, was taken into custody pochetaemy man, Ph.D., on suspicion of rebellion. Only in this case was drawn 5 people. Thanks to the active actions of friends, acquaintances and supporters, there are, by the way, "the leader of the recent revolution" only after the arrest, we can behold some documents from the case file.

In the mounting part of the decision on remand in respect Habarova from 21.07.2011 year indicated that the court is not involved in the vibrations of the veteran to the crimes incriminated him. An application for detention pending trial was granted, under the weight of evidence obtained during the search. Unfortunately, the list of arguments, the test pochetaemym tribunal, in the judgment is not given. The materials of the criminal case, as we know, no unauthorized persons are not allowed, because there are only enjoy the information reported by the participants. From the text, posted on the website of the ruling Habarova verbovanii as of 25.07.2011, the accused, it is impossible to determine what specific confirmation studied tribunal. We state verbatim: "… at the end of June 2011 Khabarov LV, being the place of his own residence … transferred … to the armed group … firearm, ammunition, means of initiation, as money in the amount of 50,000 rubles." Resolution does not contain its own text any reference to the actual real or documentary evidence. So what did the tribunal examined and considered that evidence certainly confirms the involvement Habarova to commit such a serious crime?

Lawyer shows that the arrested 64-year-old disabled veteran of the Afghan war ailing seized: a collection of the rarest types of knives, as ammunition for a variety of types of small tools, faulty firing pen, 50 thousand rubles personal savings, first aid kit with medicines. Well, if the lawyer told us the truth, the set is really a terrorist. Taking into account the military past, a passion for collecting this kind of items do not seem criminal. Although we do not jump to conclusions and move on to the upcoming study available, albeit fragmentary data on this complicated case.

Burmistrov lawyer Andrew G. says that the investigation is delayed intentionally and that the investigation was frank accusatory. Well, this position is also not new, it will soon take an unlimited number of defenders. The impact of public opinion on the decision of Russian vessels increases, because at the rate it is fully understandable. And the adequacy of mental health Habarova it was decided to check the institute named after the Serbian. Despite the almost hysterical clicks followers Habarova, let's face it, this expertise will certainly be carried out for each suspect old age and also in respect of the behavior of individuals, which, in the opinion of the investigator, deviates from the norm. Another thing that is assigned and held it was suspiciously late, and the results are not up to the present day or.

The coup budget of 50,000 rubles

All samples Burmistrov release from prison Habarova remain in vain. Freedom for the colonel, according to its adherents, is now urgent necessity, because his very being compounded. Appeal son arrested Leonid Habarova in the address of President of the Russian Federation also did not lead to any result, it was pointed out that this is a matter for the General Prosecutor's Office. Habarova fellow soldiers staged a rally in Kiev, the son of organized rally, but want to reach the public, and failed.

Let us dwell for a moment and try to analyze the situation, regardless of the network representation of users and expressions of law enforcement officers. Of posted on this Web site Habarova regulations shows that the charge brought against him are very serious. Investigators and prosecutors believe that the military is the last representative of an underground organization "Militia behalf of Minin and Pozharsky." Not a lot of veteran charged with organizing an armed coup and supporting terrorist gangs that somehow does not quite fit in with the feature Habarova. Acquaintances said Colonel decent and honest man, and show loyalty to the merits of the Fatherland. The evidence presented by the prosecution at the rather poor and reduced to a collection of rare guns seized. According to rumors, the case involved drugs, but in the decision no mention of them. All the same, the court, having examined the exposed materials found them sufficient to Habarova isolation from society. The investigation has been going on for over six months, but some results are now law enforcers were submitted.

In fact, immediately after the arrest, it became clear that Leonid Khabarov repeatedly spoken out regarding the current government, with its world view was of critical pronounced character. In addition, the last military has permitted itself to dramatic expression in the address now an influential Minister of Defence and its activities. Most of the devotees believe that the absurd investigation is a political persecution. Such are kept himself a prisoner and his lawyer.

But now the outspoken repression is unlikely to be relevant, it is very well developed understanding of citizens in political rights and freedoms. What's all the same in this case, this represents a process? Looks very confusing possibility of organizing a rebellion group of people numbering in 5 people. In the study of documents and articles about the investigation, more and more imbued with the idea of a pre-election challenge. May be involved in organizing the "Militia behalf of Minin and Pozharsky" — only method to remove unsafe during opposition. The role of the organizer of the armed gangs are not many suitable can
didate of philosophical sciences, veterans and the disabled. Favorites of this kind of crimes have a stark cover, snug in their own statements and do not store the gun in his home. Another huge question is in fact the charges public oratorical activity of the latter-day rebel. Agree, a conspirator, is unlikely to speak out world view from the podium, because the eyes of the opposition Habarova in this situation quickly excuse.

History with criminal responsibility for the riot gun collector of rarities recalls a theatrical performance. In favor of the self-contained prisoner states and overt unwillingness to cover the issue of power and deal with complaints. The hype in the web of law enforcement officers are responsible stubborn silence.

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