The naked mole rat has helped scientists to take a huge step towards creating a cure for cancer


Scientists may have found a way to fight cancer. They have been found in the body of the anti-cancer mechanism of a small animal that lives underground — a naked mole rat.

The naked mole rat is not sensitive to acids, is not afraid of pain, and a high concentration of carbon dioxide, it has no signs of aging and is very resistant to disease, and lives up to 5-6 times longer like themselves rodents. Particularly resistant to cancer Digger: scientists could not even keep him develop the cancer cells. According to a study conducted by researchers, protects the animal hyaluronic acid, which improves the elasticity and strength of biological tissues, says

Animal genome was decoded back in 2011 by scientists at Harvard University, he is 93% identical to the human genome. Scientists are hopeful that the new data on the mechanisms in the body of the animal, together with the already known, will help them to find a means of defeating cancer.

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