The next week in Moscow are expected downpours with thunderstorms and heat

The next week in Moscow are expected downpours with thunderstorms and heat

MOSCOW, June 10 — RIA Novosti. Weather in Moscow next week will be hot and rainy, with an air temperature of 22 to 29 degrees will come with rain showers, told RIA Novosti on Friday, weather specialist of the Center "Phobos."

"Weather continues to indulge us. Next week it will be hot, but unstable: Monday will inspire showers and thunderstorms will be humid and stuffy," — told the agency.

According to him, on Monday, showers are short-term and local, and will be held from Tuesday over the place, due to the passage of atmospheric fronts from Europe.

"The background temperature is high — 24-29 degrees Celsius. Westerly wind, air pressure low — 742-743 millimeters of mercury" — said the weatherman.

On Wednesday, he said, "The storm will continue extravaganza": atmospheric front will continue to move to the east, the night will be warm and stuffy, the day is expected from 22 to 27 degrees, the wind changed direction to the north.

"On Thursday, the same temperature, but the thunderstorm cells will be less, respectively — Clear decrease. Wind north and will be involved in the more cool air," — said the source.

He predicts that next Friday will be cool, with the north-west wind in the afternoon air warms up to 21-26 degrees, with the plus sign, precipitation is expected.

"Pressure will grow up to 745 millimeters of mercury," — said the forecaster.

He also said that next weekend will return to Moscow heat. "Probably the increase in temperature up to + 30 degrees. Saturday will be dry on Sunday, showers and thunderstorms are possible, but mainly in the west", — concluded the agency.

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