The party rescued from poachers falcons released to the wild in Kamchatka

Specialists released into the wild 62 Falcons seized the vessel PTR-5031 near Kamchatka, the regional government said.

Coast guard ship "Kamchatka" detained on Thursday ship PTR-5031 (Shipowner "Trans-Marine") in the Cape Africa on the east coast of Kamchatka. Boarded the ship investigators found 58 falcons merlins, two peregrine falcon, listed in the Red Book of Russia, as well as derivatives of bighorn sheep and deer. In the approach to the ship security officers and environmental agencies watched violators, trying to cover up the crime, tried to release falcons directly from the ship.

"All 60 Falcons found on board, and two falcon raised from the water after the poachers tried to get rid of the illegal shipment, inspected by veterinarians and released into the wild," — said in a statement.

Among the personal belongings of the crew of FSB operatives and police found six guns, four of which are not registered. Also on board were found guns illegal hunting: bait and klobuchki. According to preliminary estimates of specialists Rosprirodnadzor Minister for Kamchatka region, the damage from illegal hunting was 15.5 million rubles. The issue of opening of criminal cases involving animal cruelty and illegal hunting.

According to the regional department of the FSB of Russia, until now, law enforcement officials Kamchatka not performed similar operations to identify rare species of birds on the ships at sea. Previously, the largest party, seized from poachers and illegal carriers were considered 38 merlins, who were detained by the FSB and the traffic police in the back on the track Milkovo KAMAZ-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in November 2008.

Kamchatka merlin — one of the largest falcon in the world, with beautiful plumage, from black to white. Rare birds are in great demand in many Arab countries, where they are used for falconry. Poachers caught Kamchatka merlins and send it flying to Moscow to sell them to the Middle East, which has long been popular falconry. The cost of one individual hunting birds here reaches 100-150 thousand dollars.

In Kamchatka, the illegal business has acquired in recent years widespread. According to official figures, for sale in the central regions of Russia and abroad, exported from Kamchatka 20-60 merlins year. But scientists believe that in fact, for sale caught at least twice as birds.

Since the beginning of 2007 on the peninsula seized more than 160 rare birds, victims of illegal fishing.

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