The Rock Idol in Brimhame


50 spacious acres in Brimhame, (North Yorkshire, England) is home to a group of curious rock formations that were formed thousands of years.

The most impressive formation known as Rock Idol — 200 ton monolith, balancing on a tiny stone pyramid. It seems that the 15-foot cliff about to crumble, but she certainly does not.

200-ton piece rock defies the laws of physics and scares tourists visiting its unnatural resistance. Scala also has another name: "Table of the Druid." For a long time pictures rock travel the expanse of the Internet, as evidence of mastery Photoshop, but it's a hoax.

The Rock Idol — Is a real and artistic talents of Mother Nature. In the Victorian era, most people thought that these strange rocks, and the whole place — created by the Druids, but in the XX century, realized that all of this — the result of 18,000 years of erosion.

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