The Security Council recognizes the causes of the accident to Pinskdrev

The Commission, which is investigating the cause of the explosion on "Pinskdrev" today must submit to the Security Council the results of investigation of the accident. The enterprise accounting deducts from your salary 10% of people to help the victims.

The director of the plant for the production of fiber-boards Leonid Logvin says that the Commission is not acquainted guide "Pinskdrev" with the findings of the investigation:

"The reasons will be reported to the Security Council. Until now before anything else is not known. Commission is working, but it is separate from us. People in hospitals are on the mend, it's good, one was discharged from the hospital of Minsk. Plant management fulfills its obligation to pay compensation . Actually I hate this speech. "

In parallel, the factory works committee, which is investigating the safety of labor.

Workers' Pinskdrev "note that the cause of the accident was the failure to comply with safety requirements. The shop should have good ventilation to'm not going to dust, and it is this requirement has not been fulfilled. Says the employee "Pinskdrev" Helena:

"Here is the accumulated dust and caught fire. Clashed with oil, formaldehyde, as a result of the explosion. Now looking forward to" Pinskdrev "checks from next week they will start an enterprise. Along with this the company now accounting deducts from the salaries of the people 10% to help the victims. "

The hospitals of Minsk and Brest are still five victims. Their medical condition is evaluated as serious but stable. The other day two people were discharged from hospital Pinsk and Minsk.

However, asked about the extent of lung lesions, as there was no answer, only said that the burns are extremely strong, and all information

Relatives of victims and victims have received monetary compensation. These means are could be spent on treating those who are now in hospitals. But information from doctors is very modest and limited, wife complains Oleg Smirnov, who is in the Brest Regional Hospital, Natalia:

"On the degree we asked about these and burns. Should also consult with other doctors could call somewhere, might find a hospital abroad to treat Oleg. But doctors do not give answers to questions. Now husband already started off on the apparatus for artificial respiration. He unconscious. However, asked about the extent of lung lesions, as there was no answer, only said that the burns are extremely strong, and all the information. "

Mother Tatiana Taciturn, which was one of the first patients discharged from hospitals in central Pinsk says that her daughter has gone through a terrible shock. Nervous woman's condition is not corrected only by means of conventional medicine, but also to carry babulyak-znaharok to help overcome those jitters:

"She said that on Monday will go to the company and may receive vacation, sick leave because she had already ended. Here and can not talk about work. She can not sleep, even now, a nervous condition is terrible. But thank God that she I still live. If only she only lived, I do not want anything more. "

As a result of the accident, which occurred on "Pinskdrev" October 25, killing and died of wounds 14 people.

Indiscriminately national mourning has not been announced. And the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has expressed condolences to only 10 days after the tragedy.

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