The swastika as an ancient symbol

At present, I (author site — »Folk Costume") has been known for two fundamental studies — studies swastika symbol. Both suggest that the swastika and the concept of fascism should finally came to share, because the swastika is an ancient symbol! And they are used everywhere, just look and vintage ornaments (including embroidery on clothing), jewelry houses (thread), as well as many others confirm that yarga (swastika) — ancient Slavic character. Therefore, on our website offers a section on this subject.

Svastichnye symbols are in embroidery on clothing for the entire territory of Russia, and not only in clothing, but also in architecture, decoration and tableware etc. — That is EVERYWHERE!

So, the two that I know of to date books on the swastika — is:

  • Roman Bagdasarov, the swastika: a sacred symbol. Etnoreligiovedcheskie essays, publishing White Alva, Moscow 2001. (Excerpt from the book — below).
  • P.Kutenkov, YARGA-swastika — SIGN OF RUSSIAN FOLK CULTURE. (Photos for this article — of this book.)

Russia's first full-scale study on the symbolism of the swastika. Attracted extensive archaeological, historical, ethnographic, religious studies, art material, covering the period from the Stone Age to the present day. The author gives his own definition of the swastika and its related figures. For their classification used the original system based on the theory of symmetry.

Studies swastika hampered by the fact that she was elected to the emblem of the National Socialist Party of Germany, became the national emblem of the Third Reich and the Second World War is associated with the Nazi and pro-fascist movement. Because of this, the U.S. and Europe from time to time try to completely ban the use of the symbol. The author cautions against this approach, seeing it as the inevitable damage to the world culture. In many religions of the East is a key symbol of the swastika. In addition, one-way movement around the center of the case in many natural, macro-and microcosmic events (rotation of galaxies, the adhesion of cells). Therefore marginalization swastika distorts perception of reality.

Fascism and the swastika should definitely share.

Here is photo book pages (before they were published on my other site —, but the site is closed and the information moved here for

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