The task of the Council of Ministers: to identify parasites

Belarusian Council of Ministers adopted a resolution on a quarterly sample survey of households in order to study employment, to be held since 2012. According to officials, it will have information about the employees involved in the economy, the unemployed and economically inactive people to create a "complete portrait of the country's workforce." What is behind this?

The official unemployment rate in Belarus — about 1%. That's the number is registered in the employment offices. But a large part of the Belarusians working informally. Someone goes to work in Russia, someone working at home here. Mr. Valery — builder:

"By profession I am a bricklayer. I go to Moscow to work. Because there is a paltry salary. Naturally, no salary. To feed the baby, dress, I go to Moscow. Although there are cheating, of course. Here is a small by the standards of their salary. But it's better here than 5 times. "

Mr. Igor makes repairs in apartments and cottages:

"I am a carpenter, wood carver and a specialist in the art of painting on wood. I demanded. However, the wonder that soon the retirement age (Laughs). But for now I'd better work on myself than anyone. "

The head of the analytical center "Strategy", the economist Leonid Zaika gives the following figures:

Leonid Zaika

"In Belarus, from 600,000 to 1 million people working abroad. It turns out the political and social conflict, because the official unemployment rate — about 1%. But in fact, people who have not found their work in accordance with the format expected earnings, was much more. "

So the decision to the Belarusian authorities, on the one hand, to reveal the real picture of unemployment in the country, and on the other hand, reveal the "economically inactive citizens" — November 1 Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the number 1605.

Senior officials of Ministry of Labor that to explain why this is necessary, were terse:

"It's all spelled out: what, why, who cares. Everything is clear. "

Test sample survey of households will begin in 2011, and since 2012 this survey will become a regular. The goal, as stated in the document, on the one hand — "get comprehensive information about the status and dynamics of changes in the labor market, the quality of the labor force, about the structure of unemployment, the reasons nezanyatastsi."

Political analyst Vladimir Mackiewicz
notes that a survey of households it is the right direction. After all, the entire Belarusian statistics system needs to be reformed, conform to European norms, the norms of the International Labour Organisation:

Michael Zaleski

"Our statistics can show the best performance, and in this sense, trade experts, the UN, the World Bank, the International Labour Organization on how we are doing well, and bargain for a place in the world rankings. Unfortunately, not all is well in the statistics, and slowly and gradually goes refinement of methodology and approach to the international standards. "

According to the head of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika, need to have a real picture, but if it is done well, and the results will impress, do not show them to anyone:

"Because I have a question to the system, Did we have a million people in the country can not find work in the country? We are ashamed to admit it, show 1%, and in fact it turns out that there is 18 per cent — will be 20. My Russian colleagues say that only Russia has about 1 million Belarusians. If the polls show that the 600 — 700 000 do not work, then call them economically inactive indecent. They also work in Moscow, leave for work. "

As for the second objective of the decision, to identify the economically inactive population, Mr Zaika opined:

"To fight against the economically inactive — it's the Soviet Union, 1970. Search the parasites, the enemies of socialism, non — it's ridiculous. "

Economist Michael Zaleski also notes:

Vladimir Mackiewicz

"The approach of a Soviet, socialist. Of course, people eat that in the morning standing outside the deli and sell something. Their activity, it seems to me, is finely criminal. And then it turns out the confusion: it is necessary to look for methods to undermine, the elimination of the social base of crime. We need to create jobs, instead of looking for economically inactive citizens. "

Of course, there are people who do not work and will never work — alcoholics, homeless. Head of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Nicholas Szewczyk opined:

"There is such a category — bum. As much as we struggled with them — they exist in all countries of the world. How to make them work if they are a way of life, and it suits them? As I see it, I would have brought them for the hundredth kilometer, would have given to 25 or 100 acres of land — and please do survive … But again — human rights were. "

One of the aims of the Council of Ministers decree — to identify people that earn, provide yourself, but avoid taxes. That's what this economist thinks Michael Zaleski:

"We have a tax inspection activity is formal. They like what the trailer, then you can long, long time to cling to a person because of some little things, not at all worthy of attention. And at the same time by cash spend a lot of money. If an accurate test, it will be immediately obvious: if you come in and see bomzhatnik there, then this is one option. And when you come to the palace in the suburbs, near which there are luxury cars on a half-million dollars, here's another question needs to be. In this case, to start with paselachka which is about Drozdov ".

Government of the procedure for the organization and financing costs on a survey of households. The National Statistical Committee will invite shtokvartal in 2012 200 people on the basis of civil law contracts. A one-time fee amount approved in the amount of 25 basic units (now base amount — 35,000). Thus, the cost of identifying economically inactive citizens will be met from the budget.



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