The UN has acknowledged the truth of the Homel activist in a dispute with the electoral commission

The UN Committee on Human Rights acknowledged that in 2004, during the elections to the House of Representatives have been violated rights Homel activist Leonid Sudalenka. The corresponding decision activist received in the mail from Geneva.

Six years Sudalenka nominated a candidate for the Khoyniki constituency number 49. And although his initiative group has gathered the required number of signatures, the district commission and did not register him as a candidate for deputy, on the grounds that he had misspelled his headquarters. Like, wrote in the questionnaire, which is the legal adviser of "locks" and not the chairman of the urban organization of NGO "Legal Initiative". And yet — distributed leaflets with information about the activities of the electoral bloc "Five plus".

Leonid Sudalenka challenged the decision of the district commission for failure to register in the Central Election Commission, the Supreme Court, but his appeal was rejected, despite the statement from the employment history of the place of work of "curls". Chairmanship of the "Legal Initiative" — a public office.

The Committee has recognized the compelling approval Sudalenka that the district commission and the Central Election Commission acted against him as a candidate of the opposition and were biased on the side of the candidate "from the government."

According to article 2, paragraph 3, of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the state should provide Sudalenka "effective remedy in including and compensation, as well as any future efforts for the advancement of the author as a candidate in the parliamentary elections in full compliance with the Covenant. "

Sudalenka"Based on the decision of the UN I will pretend to pay me a decent state compensation for non-pecuniary damage. And I'm sure the time will come when these costs are returned to the state of their salaries and the members of the Central Election Commission of the District. "


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