The unique tidal wave moves along the river



The unique natural phenomenon: a fascinating look at the tidal wave of Chinese Qiantang River. Millions of cubic meters of sea water during high tide moving against the current of the river, skirting the small islands.

Although such tides are found on other rivers, where he is the fastest — up to a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, and the highest — the wave rises to 8-9 meters.
This phenomenon can be observed every time the sea tide. But in some months, when the Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned and the overall attraction of two bodies is quite powerful — a wave is particularly strong.

This year, the peak of the tidal wave fell at the beginning of October.



But the main reason for this thread is that the width of the bay, where the river flows, is about 100 kilometers, and the very mouth of the narrows to 3 kilometers, resulting in huge bodies of water getting into the narrow channel, form a tidal wave.
Even more fascinating views give this tide submerged shoals. They divide the flow into two, leaving it overlaps to form X-shaped wave.
Look at the unique natural phenomenon gathered hundreds of thousands of people. A local media armed boats and helicopters. Particularly spectacular is the moment when the wave hits the shore.
However, observe the phenomenon is not always safe. Periodically, the wave becomes the cause of death.

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