The value of the color of the Slavs

There are many stories of why the Ukrainian patterns, a combination of red and black threads. One legend tells that the red and black threads are symbols: red — the blood of the fallen soldiers on the battlefield with the Mongol-Tatar hordes, black color — a symbol of the earth.

Color Value
Red The color of love, permanence and perfection. Protects from all good, and evil.

Color of the right.

Color sacred blood, heroism, valor, beauty. The fundamental law of the universe. South.
Black  Color of the earth in hleborobskih towel in Russia and Ukraine. In European culture, symbolizing uncertainty and deviation from the norm, the color of mourning. West.

Clothes of that color — only the Magi, as symbolized connection to the world of death and the ability to manage these forces.
Yellow  Color of the sun, calm, warm, unobtrusive, intelligence. Summer. But yellow can and cause irritation. It is believed that the color can be associated with diseases other world.

Color Perun. East.
Green  Development, youth, growth, hope, imperfect, tranquility, spirituality. Associated with nature and life. Origin of life.

Sventovida color.
 White  Reality, the world, the element in which reign Sventovid and Belobog. The color of purity, joy, and peace. Width. North


(To purple)

 Navi color, magic, mystery, dream of the future and of the past, winter and darkness, after which will come the spring and light.




 The sky and the purity of intention. Svarog. Communication with the dead, the departed.
 Gold  Color of Supreme Harmony, the color of all the gods (semitsvetie gods).
 Silver  Color Luna Mokos.

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