The venue with the candidate — Park, home of the repair


Local executive committees of the Brest region have identified the place and facilities for meetings of voters with candidates. But, for example, found that in Baranovichi old park where authorized electoral activities undergoing renovations. And in Brest activists faced with inadequate legal regulation meet voters to discuss the qualities of candidates.

Baranovichskij activist Yaroslav Hryshchenya notes that the allowed space for public events are far away from the city center, they are poorly populated. Information stands and advertising campaign tables — is not in the center of the city. A room for meetings with voters identified in the Officer, who is not quite suited for this purpose:

"In the House of officers of the room is not really suited for meetings. Can not be there to collect more than 30 people. For us, it is simply not cost-effective. Why is defined Officers? For that there arose a spontaneous rally on the steps of the building, as in almost impossible to meet. "

Coordinator of the movement "For Freedom" by Denis Brest Turchynyak notes that public events can trigger not only the candidates, but also ordinary citizens. Suffice it to refer to the territorial commission with an application for a mass gathering. And then Truchynyak draws attention the problem in the legislation:

In the House of officers of the premises on actually not designed to meet. It is impossible to collect more than 30 people. For us, it is simply not cost-effective

"For example, I as a citizen of appeal to the Commission to convene a meeting with constituents to discuss as one of the candidates. But no law other than the treatment of citizens, does not regulate the term of consideration of this application. Whenever you want, then let the event through the day or three or five. Cause as regards meetings without the candidates, there is no legal specification. "

The idea of the voters' meetings to discuss the candidates had time signature campaign continues Denis Turchynyak:

"As practice pickets, people often gathered at information booths. Often there were debates. People are very eager to speak, so I'm sure there are enterprising individuals who will perform the organizers of such events."

Denis Turchynyak repeatedly appealed to the CEC, that he has identified a clear time limit consideration of citizens' applications for convening meetings of the voters. However, the CEC has ignored these appeals.

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