The water is gone from the high water flooded houses in Olyekminsky in Yakutia

Waterlogging flood houses sat Neryuktyay Olyokminsky Yakutia region from which they were evacuated about 400 people, the environment free from water, told RIA Novosti the national emergency department.

"At present, on the Lena River in the village have seen a steady decline Neryuktyay water level. Floodings home free from water", — told.

Earlier it was reported that about 400 people were evacuated from the village rescuers Neryuktyay Olyokminsky area due to the flooding of more than 70 homes. They are in the evacuation center Olekminsk Culture House, part placed with relatives and friends.

President of Yakutia Yegor Borisov May 15 signed a decree announced Olyekminsky area emergency.

In early May, representatives of the Government said that in the worst possible scenario in the area of flooding can get up to 70 settlements and 10,000 houses in 17 districts of Yakutia.

As of Wednesday, the lower edge of the ice flow is near the village of Chkalov Khangalassky area, and the top — the village of Macha Olyokminsky district. The capital of the republic of Yakutsk break up is to overcome 168 kilometers.

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