The wind, which brought in Khakassia smoke from fires to continue in the coming days

The north wind, which on Saturday night brought to Khakassia smoke from forest fires, working in the Krasnoyarsk region, to continue in the coming days, according to the country GUMCHS with reference to weather forecasters.

"Weather forecasters predict that the north wind of two to three meters per second, to continue in the coming days. However, expect rain and thunderstorms are possible," — said in a release.

According to the MOE, the carbon monoxide concentration in the air at the moment is within the permissible limits, the airport and the economic entities operating in normal mode.

"As long as no danger but smog and odors, for the residents of Khakassia not. Airports, economy and livelihood working at this time", — stated in the release authority.

MOE issued advice to the public about the behavior in smoke.

According to the Republican State Committee of the forest fires in Khakassia are not.

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