The winner of the 2010 stapadu ekraniziruet Bykov

Winner of the Grand Prix of the Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad 2010" Sergei Laznitsa after the success of his debut game tape, "My Happiness" suggests a feature film on the novel by Vasil Bykov's "In the Fog". Thus he not only paid tribute to the classics of Belarusian literature, but also to thank their homeland — 46-year-old Sergei Laznitsa born in Baranovichi.

In an interview, Sergei Laznitsa says that the screenplay based on the novel of Vasil Bykov was written in the early 2000s. The right to stage director was not long before his death, Bykov — in 2002. But, as he says, picking up his shooting any film, be prepared to take responsibility. At the time, thinking it was not fully cooked, so the project had to be postponed. From Minsk Laznitsa bounced on the next film festival in Brazil, and communication with him yet.

But says Film Critic Alla Bobkov, during a recent meeting with Laznitsam he confirmed that finally bring the plan involves a "fog" to its logical end:

"I just asked him: Is it true that it will still take a moving picture on the novel by Vasil Bykov's" In the fog? "And he told me just simply replied," Yeah, right. "

Even before he Laznitsa said that it struck a chord with the plot of history: to make themselves and become adlyudkam — or die. And the more a man of humanity, the less chance that he will stay alive. The guerrillas are going to kill civilians, it is believed that he collaborators. And although he does not cooperate with the Germans, it is impossible to prove.

Witnessed something like that, as mentioned Laznitsa was himself, even when he lived in Baranovichi. In his court was a man who was also considered collaborators. He did not cooperate with the Nazis, but it was to camp and was adlyudkam. Only Laznitsy grandfather treated him better than others, as well as passing the war, he knew that not all divided into black or white. Although he Sergei was still small, his story is extremely impressed. "For me, a matter of honor — to remove the picture. In including this duty to the bulls that I had no wish to break a leg ", — concluded the Sergei Laznitsa.

Critics agree that the festival presented the film "My Joy", which received in Minsk Grand Prix "Gold November," by its very nature — "anti-Soviet" in spite of the declared "exceptional" Russia really zakanservavalasya in the "barbaric society." Says Alla Bobkov:

"The film is a co-production: Ukraine — Germany — Netherlands. Tape that in Russia so far, after the war, nothing has changed: savagery, evil, power in uniform eats herself. Russians — poor unfortunates, here what the movie. Describe the audience reaction. A lady was screaming that the director had sold to the Germans, so I made it a picture of Russia. young guy said he heard a mate in this film and this mat weaned him to swear in life. It was just disgusting. Another she just sat there and cried. Actually, most of the people coming out of deep thought on his face. I can say, though Laznitsa now lives in Germany, but knows very well the Russian province as a documentary. repeatedly traveled to Russia to shoot a documentary film, has traveled many Russian regions and extremely well reflected what he saw in the tapes. "My Happiness" — his first feature films. "

Even Russian critics reviewing the tape Laznitsy at this film festival "Kinotavr" where "My Happiness" won the prize for best director prize and the Guild of Film Critics, for example, the main character, the average truck driver, came to the general conclusion: Russia — bad place " Empire "finally zbilasya the road and have to" cut "out possible more.

Sergei Laznitsa born September 5, 1964 in Baranovichi in the Brest region. He graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, a research associate at the Institute kibernetyki in the Ukrainian capital. In 1991, he entered the All-Russian Institute of Cinematography at the Department of fiction film that ended with an excellent rating. He worked as a director at the Documentary Film Studio in St. Petersburg, in 2001, he emigrated with his family to Germany. The assets Laznitsy — three full-length and eight short documentaries and fiction films "My Happiness".

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