The world is facing a shortage of fresh water

Nearly one billion people by 2050 will experience a significant and chronic shortage of drinking water and fresh water. With such a forecast made by American scientists from the organization Natural Conservancy.

They concluded that the most severe water situation will be created in cities. Among the countries and regions where the growing problem of water shortages will reach the highest level, experts from the U.S. called the Central China, East India, the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and West Africa, East Africa, the central areas of Mexico, and the central part of Chile, the northern regions of the Philippines.

After four decades of per capita of cities in these regions will account for no more than 100 liters of fresh water per day, which is significantly lower than the current level of consumption in the world.

As a result, access to water will be one of the world's social and political problems of the near future, experts suggest.

Strengthening the shortage of drinking water and fresh water are both due to the growth of the world population, and the process of uncontrolled increase in the number of residents of big cities. As a result, urban services can not cope with the faster growth in demand for fresh water.

Another reason — changing the Earth's climate, when the increasingly widespread in Africa, Asia and southern Europe drought causes massive immigration of people from the affected areas it.

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