The worlds largest solar plant began its work today

The world's largest solar plant began its work today. Photo:

The other day was launched the world's largest solar plant. The project was implemented by Austrian companies GREENoneTEC and AEE Intec, who specialize in the development of technology, "green" energy. She also placed solar plant in Saudi Arabia. This tells today Middle East Online.

Over the past year, conducted testing equipment solar station, and from the middle of 2011 there were several successful test run setup. In addition to generating electricity, the plant will also produce hot water for the needs of the Metropolitan University in Riyadh (Riyad `s Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University).

The total area of the solar panels gigantic station is about 36 thousand square meters project cost 4.7 million dollars. Since the station is located in the desert, the developers have provided it, and the system of protection against sandstorms.

Specialists point out that due to this the world's largest solar installation as well as other projects, "green" energy, which are actively being implemented today in Saudi Arabia, the country in the near future may become a major exporter of solar power in the world market.

Today the role of the largest solar plant in the same claim in a California station Ayvenpahe (USA). Its estimated peak power is about 400 MW. Construction of the plant was scheduled to begin in 2011, and by 2013 the station was to be launched. However, the dates for the solar plant commissioning were removed, due to the fact that the station is planned to appear in place of rare desert tortoises, which angered environmental groups.

And in 2016 in the Sahara desert in Tunisia should appear solar station with total capacity of 2 GW. This station will supply electricity to more than 700 million homes in Europe.

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