The worlds smallest girl went to school


Five-year Gersayd Charlotte (Charlotte Garside) with an extremely rare form of dwarfism in the growth reaches just 68 centimeters.


considered to be the little girl in the world. This month, she went to the first grade of primary school (in Western countries is about the same as the older group of kindergarten).

A tiny girl with a tiny head and thin arms and legs is more like a doll and looks extremely fragile. However, both she and her parents
Scott Gersayd and Emma Newman (Scott Garside and Emma Newman) believe that it will be able to learn of the other children.



At Charlotte's so-called primordial form of dwarfism (Primordial Dwarfism), and such rare that doctors have does not even have a special name. When she was born, the parents immediately told that their child is not likely to survive, even to a year, but Charlotte has survived and is growing quite ordinary child, curious and active.



— She has personality and behaves like a normal five year old child — says her mother, Emma, who lives with her daughter and husband in the town of Withernsea (Yorkshire, UK), and it is not as fragile as you think.

When the child was born, she weighed only about 908 grams and has a length of only 25 centimeters. She had to wear doll clothes. Even now, Charlotte is the size just a little — a little more than a domestic cat. At Charlotte has two older sisters, 12-year-old Sabrina and 8-year-old Sophie, both very ordinary girl.



Since then, as a "doll" Charlotte was born, her parents put a lot of effort to ensure that their unusual child lived ordinary lives of ordinary people.

— We do not know how long she will live yet, do not know what will happen to her a year later, she has a weakened immune system, there are problems with the liver (cyst), mental health problems, but so far she has the opportunity to live in a world of people and chat them.






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