This is a terrible word swastika

Interest in the Slavic-Aryan symbolism in modern society is quite high. And this interest is mainly polar. On the one hand, it is often spiritually awakened patriots and compatriots who have realized that the salvation of the Soul, Spirit and Fatherland is possible only through the revival of the Original Native Faith and ancestral roots. This part of humanity understands the value of the ancient clans of characters awakening to the Slavs and arias their inner Divine Essence. Graphics and power of these symbols in the birth and genetic memory are causing an effect similar to the birth of a supernova! They saw the man suddenly realizes, "I is not a slave alien god! I — Grandson of God!

My father Perun — Light of Heaven! My grandfather Dazhdbog Sun-Galaxy! My great-grandfather Svarog-Sun of the Universe! My Great-grandfather Rod-cause and originator of the universe! My Praprapraded God Ra-Ha-M-Home Home and CAUSE! I — Bozic! A descendant of the Great Gods! So, as of right, and spiritual kinship, too — God! Let the young, inexperienced, not yet mastered their power, but is equivalent to the original image and likeness! I am one with them, like a drop and the Ocean! I understand, feel and touch the unity of his honor, conscience and love, binding me to them!
Vseslav (GLOBE Igor)
Elders Vedic Aryan culture of the Russian "CENTURY RA"
Krasnodar. From the magazine "Vedic Culture № 3"
My gods! What is going on around you! My brothers and sisters, the zombies! In some people, the extinct gaze flicker dollars, others — crosses. My Motherland — a prison! My rulers — aliens! My pastors — priests of alien gods, shearing and herding us like a flock! My people are dying out of 1.2 million per year for the glory of a foreign god!

Treason! We are at the mercy of the spiritual, political and economic parasites! Where is (for such cases) stashed grandfather "dichlorvos"?

Another part of the society, for obvious reasons, is also on the alert for this process. They, too, can be understood. Two thousand years they have worked hard: undermined, demoralized, distorted attitudes, traditions, moral. And now, when victory seemed to be in their hands as it is right on the celebration of the Red Square, with a gala effects and broadcast on all channels S.M.I. these ungrateful biorobots wake up, wake up the others, are on the increase like mushrooms after the rain! And suddenly went out and brought his grandfather "dichlorvos"? And suddenly, he found, parents will call with grandparents? Oh no! Get a minute the law on extremist activity of criminal responsibility for demonstrating svastichnoy symbols similar to Nazi "of confusing!" Nothing to us here their Slavic-Aryan symbols show!

Well, in terms of drevleslovenskogo language, it means "terrible" word swastika?

Request to the fainthearted — stop reading! Fleece "CBA" — means "Light of Heaven" rune "C" — indicates the direction of rotation, the rune TICA — means movement. Fleece "TIC" — means the movement. Children are still playing, shouting 'ticking time! ", Ie quickly move. Children are known to be generic and genetic memory is not so much depressed as adults, that's one of them and pulled out drevleslovenskaya runes. So, the swastika is a rotation of the Shining Heavens. Even flushed with mental illness imagination in the phrase "turning the Shining Heavens" is difficult to find anything political, and even more so, the Nazi. This rotation, among astronomers, watching everybody every day all my life. Moreover, looking at the cover of the second issue of the magazine, and then, at the night sky, you can see to the left Mokos constellation (Ursa Major) — Constellation Swati. This swastika is joking Orthodox Old Believers, the "firmament" in 1933, Adolf Hitler was nailed. Think of it! On the one hand, the complete idiocy — Constellation watched by millions of people every night, but it does not exist in the same star map and in any atlas sky. On the other hand, a very "wise" — to "no", and the court is not. You personally, dear reader, know about it?

Speaking of Nazi symbols. Adolf Hitler invented it himself. Swastika in black, standing on the edge at 45 degrees to the horizontal, rotating against the sun, located in a white circle on a red fonevrealnoy Slavic-Aryan symbolism was not, and never will. Because the real symbolism of the Slavs and Aryans taken not from an idle mind, and of Life! And not just from life, and in the Life of Heaven! After reading the symbols shown on the color insert, even a child will understand that this is not about Nazism and not about politics.

Slavo-Aryan symbols carry the Universal Alignment of our Native Gods — as far, because they control the suns, constellations and the universe, and so close, because their blood flows in our veins. Their voices sounding in our hearts, called Conscience, because they — are our parents, and we — the essence of their children. Judge for yourself:

SYMBOL OF RACES — The symbol of One Universal Union four Grand Aryan peoples and the Slavs. Aryan nations unite and da'Ariytsev h'Ariytsev, and the people of the Slavs — and Svyatorussov Russenia. This unity is indicated by a solar symbol Ingle on celestial space (blue background). Solar Ingle — Character Race crosses Silver Sword (Conscience) with Fire Sticks (pure thoughts). Directed edge sword down, symbolizing the preservation and protection of the Ancient Divine Wisdom of the Great Race from the forces of darkness. If the sword is depicted point up, it is a call for the protection of the Great Race from external enemies.

Duniya — A symbol of the connection of terrestrial and celestial real fire. Its purpose — to keep the unity of the way always. Therefore, all the fiery altar of Kresen bloodless gifts, and demands brought to the glory of the gods and ancestors, built as the character.

HEAVENLY VEPR — ZnakChertoga in Svarog Circle, a symbol of the patron god of the Hall — Ramhata Trisvetlogo. This symbol indicates a connection of past and future, earthly and heavenly wisdom. In the form of a talisman that symbol is used by people who have been on the path of spiritual self.

Torch — This symbol represents the union of two great fire flow: earthly and the divine (Extraterrestrial). This connection creates Universal Vortex Transfiguration, which help a person to discover the essence of Being through multivariate light of the knowledge of the Ancient Principles.

Svitova — The symbol of the eternal relationship between the Earth's waters and the heavenly fire. From this context, new born pure souls who are preparing to embody on Earth in the explicit world. Pregnant women embroider this amulet on dresses and sundresses, born to healthy children.

Overcoming GRASS — The main ward to protect against various diseases. The people believed that the disease in man unleash the forces of evil, and a double fire sign is able to burn any ailment and disease, cleanse the body, soul and spirit.

COLOR fern — A fiery symbol purity of spirit. Has a powerful healing force. The people call him Perun color. It is believed that he is able to discover the hidden treasures in the earth, the desires. In fact, it gives a person the opportunity to reveal a spiritual power and ability.

Swastika — The symbol of the eternal cycle of the universe. It displays the highest heavenly law, which is subject to all things. This fire sign of how people use the amulet that protects the existing law and order. Inviolability of the Law and Order life itself depends.

SUASTI — A symbol of the cycle of life and the rotation of the Midgard-Earth. Symbol of the four cardinal points, as well as the four northern rivers that divided the ancient sacred Darius into four areas that originally lived four clans of the Great Race: da'Ariytsa, h'Ariytsy, Svyatoruss and Russ.

Sane person even need to explain that the symbol should be Sovereign Race banner Russia, now instead of the existing one, which is more like a strip squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste imported.

Duniya should protect every house Slav and Aria. Then, even small children will become clear that the ritual of bringing gifts and require the gods and ancestors of the perpetrated Colo (around) Dunii older women and men in the family can not bear to think of anything bad. That the derivatives of the rite of the word "witch" and "Witch" does not carry the negative sense, despite the fact that we imposed on the enemy of our Heavenly. For only they can be bad from Oberegovoy Force Rod, preventing them direct to us damage and daze.

Heaven help boar symbol on the road toward spiritual perfection to overcome all the obstacles along the way.

The torch will reach spiritual transformation. Svitova ensure the birth of healthy offspring. Overcoming grass protects against disease. Fern color will reveal spiritual powers and abilities.

Swastika should shine on the shoulder straps and headgear in the military and law enforcement bodies of Russia. Only it will restore and protect the trampled and disgraced Law and Order. A red star — the symbol of passion and anger of the human race, along with those who sang, "The whole world by force we will destroy to the ground, and then …" should be forgotten as satanic symbols "instigators fire world revolution" — the essence of the demons and the parasites .

Suasti reminds us that we are gods, the descendants of our ancestors, the Old Slavonic-Aryan gods that Midgard-earth belongs to us by right of pioneers and settlers.

Even the 9 of 144 main genera of the Slavs and Aryans characters enough to feel the joy of belonging to the eternal universal life.

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