This is not an election — is a fraud

Mrs."No movement, no. We see no alternative candidates. We do not know the names, do not know these people. Other than one name, can not see anything. "

Mr."I saw that the signatures were collected. No one no one interfered. Everything was normal. As long as no one speaks of the contenders. I can not hear them, and I do not see. "

Mr."I did not see any activity on the part of those who choose, either by the Commission. Do not feel them. All have long defined, everything is clear: Alexander G. will continue to rule. "

Mr."I do not see any electoral commissions or agitators. Only the information on the radio is on. This year, 11 candidates — such freedom has never been. "

Mrs."Normally all. There are people who offer their candidacy. So all very democratic. "

Mr."As usual! As it was, so be it. It's always hype — it's not an election. "

Mrs."What do we see? On TV information! But each candidate we do not see."

Mr."Television in the repertoire. Television is not interested to do the advertising opponents of his client, that the president and his entire office. "

Mr."I do not see who is registered and who is left. I do not see who and what offers. "

Mr."I do not know, which is the company. Newspapers little read. TV still look and see who will be the president. "

Mrs."While in any way. While nothing is heard and not seen. Commission allegedly counting the votes, which they have collected 100 thousand. While silent, said that more should be counted. "

Man: "I do not know how everything is done. Subscribed for Neklyaeva. On television, I do not know when will be performing candidates. I wanted toUsed to listen to their speeches. "

Mr."I'm not interested in the company for a simple reason. That's all — politicking. Will it benefit people? Do not be! Our people — it is all to the bulb. Pour hundred grams of a man, give him a snack — and all will be well. "


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