This year there will be a phenomenon that repeats itself every 243 years

January 6, 2012 17:04

Astronomers are preparing to observe rare phenomena, some are unique to our age. We can enjoy the sun and lunar eclipses, the spectacle of shooting stars or asteroids approaching Earth. However, the most important astronomical event in 2012 is the transition of Venus across the sun, the planet Venus is located between the Earth and the Sun.

This celestial phenomenon like a solar eclipse, except that while the diameter of Venus is 4 times greater than that of the Moon, Venus is less than the projection, as it is further away from the Earth.

Transit of Venus is one of the rarest of predictable events and repeats every 243 years.

In 2012, hundreds of celestial bodies come close to a small distance to the Earth. In the evening, from 10 to 15 March, will be visible to the naked eye four planets of our solar system, which we perceive as a few very bright stars.

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