To buy a Ford, Belarusians need to work 3.5 years, a Pole — 10 months

The index of social well-being "I." and the comments on it presented to journalists Yaroslav Romanchuk, head of the Research Center of Mises and Leonid Zaika, head of the analytical center "Strategy". Economists have put forward their recommendations to the authorities — how to make the Belarusian earned twice as much as today.

The index of social well-being accidentally given the name "I.." As explained by Yaroslav Romanchuk, this name would emphasize — it is relevant to every citizen of Belarus. For the calculation took 35 basic goods and services. Among them, for example, black bread, milk, butter, men's and women's dress boots, car, computer, utilities … Economists have calculated how much time you need to work Belarusians to cash in on all this, and compared with its closest neighbors to the east — Russia, in the west — with Poland.

In This year,, to use a certain set of goods and services, a resident of Belarus should work for almost 20 years. But it is 13 years less than for 2005, said Yaroslav Romanchuk:

Yaroslav Romanchuk

"But if we look at both at the same time developing other countries, Poland, Russia, European and Asian countries, we see that they have developed faster. And we still have not reached even to the level of the European Union average. Our level of social well-being 25-30% of the EU countries, the level of countries that are still in the early 90th Select another model. This model is based on democracy, economic freedom, on private property and, of course, on economic integration with the world . "

Yaroslav Romanchuk cited a specific example of a passenger car:

"We take the standard" Ford Fiesta ". To buy it in 2010, we must work 3.5 years. In 2005, the same car had to work six years. We see that the situation has improved. And in Russia, to buy a car right now, we have to work 2 years and 3 months. And in Poland — only 10 months. That's the difference — 3.5 years and 10 months. "

After listening to the economists, I asked them how their data can be compared with the international index "Legatum" where Belarus ranks fairly high?

Mr. Romanchuk explained, the index prepared by well-known American and British experts:

"Belarus has risen so high, because there are indicators that even in the Human Development Index, are very important. It is a system of health, safety, infrastructure for business development. And these are the elements that really have ests.I we also say that this is the best there is in our country.

But if we say, for example, the business climate, the ability to implement business projects, property rights, there Belarus immediately in the second hundred will. "

ALeonid Zaika added to this: Belarus zasyadelasya at the start, and now every step of pushing it forward. As a specific example cited economist is: now report the Belarusian business makes quarterly instead of monthly as before. And it promotes the country on the powers of the different rankings. But, as said the head of the center "Strategy", this procedure could set 15 years ago.


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