Today — Day of Solidarity

November 16 marks the Day of the democratic community of solidarity with political prisoners and Belarus. Participants of the rally is traditionally gathered on October Square in Minsk. In today's Days of Solidarity also plan to attend the presidential candidates in Belarus.

Day of Solidarity activists are organizing an unregistered organization Young Front, who was invited to the gathering place of all the concerned people. On the feature of today's action says the chairman of MF Zmitser Dashkevich:

"A particular there may be something a little more than a month, a presidential election, and the attention to this problem will be more. Well, so everything is traditional — a demand the release of political prisoners and the investigation of cases of disappeared."

Solidarity Day held on the 16th of each month for several years. Many times the participants were severely beaten commandos, they were detained and tried. However, in today's action plan to participate, and some presidential candidates. In particular, one of the leaders of the United Civil Party, presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk:

"We are preparing for the election campaign, and I will go to the region to meet the people who will participate in the campaign. And if you go back, then I will take part. This is a worthy event, which raises questions about the missing and These questions should treat as long as they are not a response is received. This action should be carried out regardless of whether one is a political campaign or not. "

Another presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich said that he had never taken part in the Day of Solidarity, will be no exception and today. Also, do not be on the October Square Neklyaeva Vladimir and Vitaly Rymashevsky, who are now outside Belarus. Statkevich with his participation yet to be determined, and Gregory Kastusyou said:

"I was one of the initiators of the signing of the treatment in the European institutions on the issue. But I am not a supporter of using this topic in some of their goals. I support the idea that the investigation recovered to get the truth, but also to abuse this issue is not worth it. "

Participation in the Day of Solidarity in the years repeatedly took presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, who considers this action an important and worthy of support:

"My attitude to the Day of Solidarity unqualified. This was a day of solidarity not only in Belarus, but also in globally. We know that such actions are taking place in our neighbors, in many other European countries and the United States. As of today, there is definitely, I will be involved, but in what format, will find out later. "

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