Too weak candidates since he left Pozniak …

Man: "Too weak candidates since he left Pozniak."

Man: "Clearly, the regime beneficial to register as many candidates as there will be spraying the electoral field and additional aura will be added to the current president that he is, well, one against all, and such a powerful and one wins. This is bad for democracy. Should be defined single Democratic candidate. "

"Why not be a sensation? One is hard to fight against nine. And if not difficult — so there's something wrong …"

Man: "There are no chances at them because I do not see any good candidates."

Mrs."Do not have a chance — no one. We are not the kind of people to vote for one, if they are many. Will walk and stretch the vote, but in the end no one will score."

"I understand that there is no equivalent alternative Lukashenko. Indeed, if you change the president, then we will swallow" big brother. "And to be at the level of the Pskov region do not want to. I've been there and seen."

Man: "Lukashenko was and will be …"

Man: "Despite the fact that they would have been 9 or more, the chances of these candidates is still there. Even to win 50% of the vote, they do not have that opportunity. Today, too many of these barriers, constraints, unfortunately."

Man: "He has a chance, and the rest I just do not know and never heard of them."

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