Total launched an operation to remove a gas leak on the platform of Elgin

 French oil company Total launched an operation to remove a gas leak at its emergency Elgin platform in the North Sea, the company said.

The operation began on Tuesday morning, the introduction of a special solution into the well through a temporary pipeline to the well G4.

Depending on the specific conditions in the well operation's success can be evaluated in a few days.

The accident on the platform Elgin, which is located 240 kilometers from the Scottish city of Aberdeen, occurred on March 25. All 238 Total employees were evacuated. It is reported that a gas leak led to the formation of oil stains length of about 11 kilometers. Around the platform was introduced exclusion zone due to a leak is detected, the ships must keep a distance of at least three kilometers from the platform, the aircraft — five kilometers. According to Total, leaking daily cost of 2.5 million dollars a day.

Previously reported that Total had planned to stop the gas leak on the emergency platform by the end of April.

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