Touched her hand to Mars from Earth


The rover arm touched the surface of the Red Planet.


Mars rover Curiosity launched a study found on the Red Planet unusual stone in the shape of a pyramid. Unit, which was run by staff NASA, managed by a robotic arm to touch the object, the value of which is approximately equal to a football ball. This contact was the first of its kind in history. Moreover, three-stage manipulator in contact Curiosity captured rock samples for analysis, writes TPM.

Stone in the shape of a pyramid was found Curiosity at half way from the landing site to the next checkpoint. Scientists hope that now, after studying the chemical composition of the rocks obtained by the spectrometer available on the unit, they will be able to better understand the structure of the Red Planet.

In addition, the researchers were able to check the operation of the device, which is capable of irradiated with alpha particles and to compare the spectra of X-ray to determine the elemental composition of rocks, cameras and other equipment. There were also the first pictures of the pyramid, made a close-up. It must be said that the current study is the first Martian object when Curiosity used the whole arsenal, including its equipment.

Then the rover will go to a place called Glenelg, to which there are only 200 meters away. There Curiosity by drilling will produce rock samples and conduct their analysis. The rover that cost NASA $ 2.5 billion, successfully arrived at the Red Planet Aug. 6, 2012. The purpose of the rover, which is a stand-alone chemical laboratory, is the search for traces of life on the planet, and the study of its geological history. In particular, if she was ever suitable for life.

Arkady Azaev

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